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  • Trends in Scottish salmon catches. Critical evaluation of the United Kingdom acid waters review group interpretation
  • Dynamique des populations ; Evaluation ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Poisson ; Pêcherie ; Royaume-Uni ; Scotland ; United Kingdom Acid Waters Review Group ; Zoogéographie
  • WATERS, D.
  • Optical properties of water applications of remote sensing to water quality determination in Remote sensing application in agriculture and hydrology.
  • The 183 GHz water and ozone channels on the upper atmosphere research satellite microwave limb sounder
  • Investigation of water content from airborne MSS data
  • Remote sensing of agricultural water demand information: a California study
  • China's water power development.
  • Principles of representation and generalization of water courses in general geographic maps are introduced. Further pre-conditions of the automated generalization of water courses, setting up of algorithms for partial fields of the automated
  • generalization of water courses. (HL).
  • The derivation of water volume reflectances from airborne MSS data using in situ water volume reflectances, and combined optimization technique and radiative transfer model
  • The fresh water crisis-today and in the year 2000.
  • Remote sensing of water demand information
  • Optical models of mesotrophic and eutrophic water bodies
  • Monitoring water stress in buffelgrass using hand-held radiometers
  • Atlas van Nederland. Deel 15. Water. (Atlas des Pays-Bas. Fasc. 15. L'eau)
  • Commentaires et réplique à propos d'un article de Pearce et Waters paru dans la revue The Canadian Geographer en 1983 à propos des méthodes quantitatives au service de l'évaluation des préférences dans les scènes paysagères. (ALS).
  • WATERS, N. M.
  • The A. examines three recent Association of American Geographers publications that concern women's problems observed in a geographical perspective, environmental contamination hazards related to the technological development and finally water policy
  • and water use in a juridical-geographical perspective. (Ed.).
  • Podzemné vody = Podzemnye vody = Ground waters.
  • Evaluation of the reliability of hydrogeological information in Water in China and elsewhere.
  • A physically-based model of the dispersion of splash droplets ejected from a water drop impact
  • Total alkalinity of surface waters. A national map
  • Regression and correlation analysis in Pollution and water resources. Hydrogeology and other selected reports..