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  • Cyclic aggradation and downcutting, fluvial response to volcanic activity, and calibration of soil-carbonate stages in the western Grand Canyon, Arizona
  • In the western Grand Canyon, fluvial terraces and pediment surfaces, both associated with a Pleistocene basalt flow, document Quaternary aggradation and downcutting by the Colorado River, illuminate the river's response to overload and the end
  • of overload, and allow calibration of soil-carbonate stages and determination of downcutting rates. Four downcutting-aggradation cycles are present. The current downcutting rate, 11-14m/1000 yr, likely is a response both to the end of late Pleistocene
  • Present-day downcutting of the Raba River channel (Western Carpathians, Poland) and its environmental effects
  • Biotopes ; Carpathians ; Catchment area;Watershed ; Discharge ; Downcutting;Incision ; Drainage network ; Environment ; Flow ; Fluvial basin;Watershed ; Fluvial processes ; Impact ; Mountain ; Poland ; River bed ; Sediment load ; Soil erosion
  • Timing and causes of the present-day channel downcutting of Carpathian tributaries to the Vistula River are exemplified by a case study of the Raba River. This gravel-bed stream is characterized by great variability of water stage and discharge
  • . Lowering of ground-water levels on the valley floor, impoverishment of plant and animal communities of riverside biotopes are some of environmental effects of channel downcutting.
  • The types of river reaches for the major Hungarian rivers/lower reaches: alluvial fan accumulation| meandering and downcutting| meandering and infilling| equilibrium or final state| upper reaches: downcutting/ are demonstrated on map. Grain size
  • distribution of channel fill and load are studied. Most of the rivers belong to the downcutting type which is promoted by river regulations increasing slope. (DLO).
  • The slab-failure of a cliff composed of granular assemblies due to downcutting: a laboratory approach
  • The mechanism for instability of a cliff made of soil mass due to downcutting was examined through an experiment using a new apparatus having no side walls. The cliff is made by piling an assembly of wetting aluminium rods. The following points can
  • The Wutach gorge in SW Germany: late Würmian (periglacial) downcutting versus Holocene processes
  • The changes in local relief and the followed river downcutting occurred in the investigated area during the Middle to the Upper Quaternary. (MS).
  • Alluvium ; Colorado ; Downcutting ; Fluvial terrace ; Geochemistry ; Isotope dating ; Numerical model ; Quaternary ; United States of America ; Watershed
  • modeling of isotope concentration depth profiles suggests that individual sites have experienced multiple resurfacing events. Fluvial incision into these surfaces appears therefore to progress headward in response to downcutting of the South Platte River
  • Late Quaternary downcutting rates of the Qianyou River from U/Th speleothem dates, Qinling mountains, China
  • Downcutting;Incision ; Experimentation ; Gully erosion ; Hydrodynamics ; Rainfall ; Rill wash;Runoff ; Roughness ; Sediment load ; Sedimentary ; Simulated rainfall ; Soil erosion
  • , depositional environments, and the chronology of aggradation and downcutting are considered. This study concerns headwater basins which are upstream of the limits of permanent channels but occasionally have been invaded by deep gully networks.
  • This paper focuses on downcutting rates and stream profile development measured in rock salt cave stream passages in the Mount Sedom salt diapir, Dead Sea rift valley, Israel. Although the area is very arid, the diapir contains extensive karst
  • Ardèche ; Downcutting ; Drôme ; Extractive industry ; Fluvial dynamics ; France ; Human impact ; Hydraulic works ; Rhône-Alpes ; Stream
  • Downcutting ; Ecology ; Extractive industry ; Fluvial dynamics ; France ; Human impact ; Loire ; Stream
  • Deforestation ; Downcutting ; Fauna ; Fluvial dynamics ; Fluvial erosion ; Human impact ; Mountain ; Over-grazing ; Stream ; United States
  • Australia ; Climatic variation ; Downcutting ; Fluvial dynamics ; Fluvial erosion ; Human impact ; Impact ; New South Wales ; Stream
  • Downcutting;Incision ; Fluvial dynamics ; Fluvial processes ; Holocene ; Human impact ; Hydrometeorology ; Pedogenesis ; Precipitation ; Quaternary ; River bed ; Soil ; Stream ; United States ; Utah
  • The adjustment of channel geometry and phases of channel evolution are characterized by six process-oriented stages of morphologic development : premodified, constructed, degradation, threshold, aggradation, and restabilization. Downcutting and toe
  • An anomalous multiple channel pattern in bedrock is observed on a predominantly downcutting reach of the Narmada River. The major objectives of this paper are to report and explain the morphologic character of the multi-channel reach of the Narmada
  • of falls depends mainly on the degree of downcutting or headward erosion.
  • is controlled by the lithology and stratigraphy of underlying bedrock; and 3) avulsion may locally occur along downcutting stream channels.