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  • The American A. is a former journalist. She discovers this little known country through a series of encounters with Burmese people, willing to tell their stories. The work is divided in four parts. Part 1 : Echoes of 1988, the most political section
  • life. Part 3 : Today's struggles includes view of the military, forced labour, ethnic minority fleeing repression in remote border areas and doctors seeking to provide health care in a country that has one of the world's fastest growing rates of AIDS
  • The paper makes sense of, and space for, the unintelligibility of enchantment in order to encourage a less repressed, more cheerful way of engaging with the geographies of the world. It explores how geographers have employed enchantment as a force
  • Compounding financial repression with rigid urban regulations : lessons of the Korean Housing Market
  • Histoire de la repression penitenciaire en Guinee francaise de 1900 a 1958
  • Politiques et strategies d amenagement urbain en Afrique du Sud : de la repression a la tolerance (1948-1993)
  • Argentina ; Army ; Buenos Aires ; Children ; Family ; Human rights ; Identity ; Political geography ; Social geography ; Twentieth Century ; family heritage ; forced disappearance ; genetics ; identity ; narrative of meaning ; social catastrophe
  • enfants ayant vécu sous la dictature militaire argentine, des grands-mères de la Place de Mai et de ceux qui ont été enlevés ou disparus pose la question des différentes stratégies employées pour se construire ou se reconstruire.#This article explores
  • , especially those deriving from the forced disappearance of persons. This form of repression creates deep wounds in the social fabric affected and, besides this, produces what could be called a ‘catastrophe’, that is, a permanent confusion of the mechanisms
  • The crisis of mass integration: on the development of political repression in Federal Germany
  • Repression and liberation in Latin America.
  • Istanbul - Turquie - Moyen-Orient - Moyen-Orient - Ordre public - Repression politique - Resistance politique
  • Vereeniging - Afrique du Sud - Afrique australe - Afrique - Apartheid - Emeutes - Repression - Memoire collective - Violences policiaires
  • Updated edition of an account of contemporary Burma which gives insights into the daily life of ordinary Burmese. The A. presents a picture of life under the repressive military dictatorship. She analyses the strategies and techniques the army has
  • deployed to maintain power. Interviews, conducted inside and outside the country, show the type of accommodations people make in order to cope with quotidian survival - as well as some innovative forms of resistance. The repression of the monk's
  • opinion is the destruction of the rain forest, the soiling of water, the appearance of forest fire and the repression of local groups out of their settlements. - (IfL)
  • Than Shwe, most notorious dictator, presides over a military regime that persist in repressing and brutalizing its own people. The book provides the first-ever account of Than Shwe’s carrier from postal clerk to dictator. It analyses his rise
  • police repression and massive expulsions.
  • the current regime has abandoned the former totalitarian regime’s repressive approach towards alternative cultures. - (EN)
  • The present qualitative research studies the assumptions that the situation with respect to anti-social behaviour has got out of hand and that the call for repression is dominant amongst local inhabitants. It is based on intensive fieldwork