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  • Father Francisco Miedes discovers the Caroline Islands before they are discovered
  • Discovering innovative currilar models for school geography
  • X-ray fluorescence analysis as a rapid method of identifying tephras discovered in archaeological sites in Tephra studies.
  • The discoverers. An encyclopedia of explorers and exploration.
  • This paper examines, in the light of Salin's suggestions, what other scholars have recently discovered about territorial patterns of segregation and polarization within the nation's metropolitan areas.
  • Three associations in Kano are studied to discover, as well as their social functions, their part in regional development. - (EMS)
  • An endolithic lichen was discovered actively eroding sandstone at a rate of 9.6 mm/100 years - three times faster than had previously been accurately measured.
  • An attempt, not adequately supported by field research, to discover why indigenous business is still relatively weak. (EMS).
  • The A. states that the traditional economic geography of descriptive character is not proper to represent the spatial phenomena of dynamically changing life and discovers the causal interrelations between them. (CK).
  • Oenanthe silaifolia has been re-discovered in Belgium in July 1977, in a hay-field at Reninge (valley of the Ijzer).
  • Discovering nature, rediscovering the self : natural historians and the landscapes in Argentina
  • Do the suburbs exist ? Discovering complexity and specificity in suburban built form
  • Discovering the regional small world of labour mobility. Evidence from linked employer–employee data
  • Discovering the mercantile city in South Asia : the example of early nineteenth-century Calcutta
  • Discovering the New World. Based on the works of Thedore De Bry
  • An attempt to discover why Ghana and South Korea which had the same annual per capita GNP in 1957 have developed so differently. But the current Economic Recovery Programme and administrative reforms are gradually showing improvement although Ghana
  • Detailed heavy-minerals analysis allowed to discover the influence of two volcanic Eifel eruptions. Green acicular augite grains are typical for the early Rissian Caberg-Pietersem and end Rissian Eisden-Lanklaar Meuse terraces. - (L'A.).
  • This paper presents geochemical data that suggest a correlation between this newly discovered tephra and the Old Crow tephra, and provides the first chronologic constraints on the age of Pleistocene sediments at the Palisades of the Yukon.
  • Britain proclaimed a Protectorate over Papua in 1884 and in 1888 annexed it as a Crown Colony. In 1895, gold was discovered, and mining accounted for the overwhelming proportion of mineral activity prior to the First World War. The fields were
  • The Quaternary glacial landforms, such as cirques, glacial troughs, rock drumlins and lateral moraines are discovered in the area of the middle-lower reaches of the Yangtze river. Based on the feature of glacial landforms and the data of analysis