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  • The Mandarin dialect: an essay on style in contemporary geographical writing
  • Pastoral nomads and the dialectics of development and modernization : delivering public educational services to the Israeli Negev Bedouin
  • The residential pattern of Chinese dialect groups in Singapore prior to World War II.
  • Dialecte chinois ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Localisation résidentielle ; Minorité ; Minorité linguistique ; Population urbaine ; Singapour ; Siècle XX
  • The residential segregation of Chinese dialect groups in Singapore with focus on the period before ca. 1970
  • The distribution of Chinese temples, associations and their members are important indexes reflecting residential segregation of Chinese dialect groups, which clearly had a tendancy to specialize in and dominate certain trades. - (SGA)
  • What about dialectics ? Theme issue
  • Dialectics ; Difference ; Geography ; Marxism ; Philosophy ; Post-structuralism ; Social sciences
  • In the essays gathered here geographers speaking from a broad range of critical backgrounds (dialecticians and multipliticians, marxist past-, present-, and post-, feminists and postructuralists) reconsider the place of dialectics in geography
  • American regional dialects : a word geography.
  • Breakdown of the residential segregation of Chinese dialect groups in Singapore
  • Dialectical materialism, geography and catastrophe theory
  • Carte ; Carte linguistique ; Dialecte ; Géographie culturelle ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; Langue ; Nigeria
  • Carte linguistique résumant l'état actuel des connaissances sur les langues et dialectes parlés au Nigeria, dont le nombre s'élève à environ 400. (EMS).
  • Dialectics and difference : against Harvey's dialectical post-Marxism
  • Contextual theory ; Dialectics ; Difference ; Epistemology ; HARVEY (D.) ; Post-Marxism ; Post-modernism
  • Toward a critical geography of the border : engaging the dialectic of practice and meaning
  • Concept ; Critical geography ; Dialectics ; Frontier ; International migration
  • (1960-1980) ; Dialecte ; Ecole géographique ; Ethnologie ; Géographie culturelle ; Géographie humaine ; Géographie linguistique ; Italie ; Recherche ; Sciences sociales
  • Aspects dominants de la géographie des langues et la géographie linguistique en Italie au cours des deux dernières décennies: recherche sur les dialectes italiens, carte et atlas des dialectes, etc...
  • The spatial dialectics of modernity and retail affect at Abasto shopping, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Affect ; Architecture ; Argentina ; Buenos Aires ; Consumption ; Dialectics ; Modernity ; Post-neoliberalism ; Shopping centre ; Theory ; Urban landscape ; Urbanism
  • This paper analyses the political life of the Abasto building in two steps. First, by drawing on theories of socio-spatial dialectics, it charts its history as an urban object in a wider political landscape of porteño modernity. Second
  • Violence and the dialectics of pandscape : memorialization in Cambodia
  • This article examines violence and the dialectics of pandscape throughmemorialization in Cambodia. It does so, first, through a destabilization of the periodization of Cambodia's violent past and, second, through a re-theorization of violence itself
  • calls into question standard understandings of the genocide and especially the post-1979 memorialization of genocide. To accomplish our goals, we introduce a dialectical understanding of both potential and realized violence, and potential and realized
  • Progress and the biosphere : the dialectics of sustainable development
  • Spatial dialectics and marxist geography
  • L'auteur retrace les origines de la division entre la Haute et la Basse Alsace afin d'expliquer le contraste actuel entre l'Alsace du Sud et du Centre, de dialecte alémanique, et celle du Nord, de dialecte francique. Hypothèse d'une relation entre
  • Dialectical materialism and geography. (Discussion arising from papers in Area. Comment and reply)
  • Place, landscape and the dialectics of cultural geography
  • Chine ; Chinois mandarin ; Contrôle de l'Etat ; Culturel ; Dialecte ; Dialectes chinois ; Domination ; Ecriture ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Langue ; Langue officielle ; Langue populaire