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  • Social deprivation: an analysis of intercensal change
  • Deprived people or deprived places? Exploring the ecological fallacy in studies of deprivation with the Samples of Anonymised Records
  • The unit of analysis in deprivation studies are local-government wards or districts. This type of approach may be subject to ecological fallacy. Although some studies have been besed on purpose-designed individual-level survey data, these often lack
  • of deprivation.
  • Rural deprivation and social planning. An overview in Rural deprivation and planning.
  • Can deprived housing areas be revitalised ? Efforts against segregation and neighbourhood decay in Denmark and Europe
  • Denmark ; Deprivation ; Europe ; Housing ; Housing policy ; Poverty ; Segregation ; Social exclusion ; Social housing ; Town ; Urban district
  • The understanding of the nature of deprived areas is uncertain. In Denmark, there is an extensive effort to come at processes leading to increased deprivation. The main instruments are rent decreases, physical improvements and support
  • Vulnerability and environmental stress of older adults in deprived neighbourhoods in the Netherlands
  • Elderly people ; Neighbourhood ; Netherlands (The) ; Regression analysis ; Social deprivation ; Social integration ; Vulnerability
  • The economic and political basis of rural deprivation: a case study in Rural deprivation and planning.
  • Rural deprivation and planning.
  • Some innovations of a rural community council in Rural deprivation and planning.
  • Rural employment: problems and planning in Rural deprivation and planning.
  • Educational disadvantage in rural areas in Rural deprivation and planning.
  • Rural housing and housing needs in Rural deprivation and planning.
  • Rural health and health services in Rural deprivation and planning.
  • Transport mobility and deprivation in interurban areas.
  • Housing deprivation: a longitudinal analysis
  • Geographic contributions to the inner city deprivation debate: a critical assessment
  • Are Canadian inner cities becoming more dissimilar ? An analysis of urban deprivation indicators
  • Canada ; Deprivation ; Gentrification ; Indicator ; Inner city ; Perception of the urban environment ; Poverty ; Social change ; Socio-economic system ; Unemployment ; Urban district ; Urban system
  • within the Canadian urban system by examining changes in inner-city deprivation levels between 1981 and 1991 for the 22 largest cities. The study finds evidence of increasing divergence in deprivation levels at the inter-city and intra-city levels
  • Creating small area measures of urban deprivation
  • Bristol ; Data ; Deprivation ; England ; Index ; Living standard ; Measurement ; Population census ; Poverty ; Town ; United Kingdom ; Urban district
  • or deprived. The AA. argue that adequate representation of diversity requires a greater sensitivity to difference at fine scales. In this context, they begin to evaluate the claims of marketeers who use commercial sources of data to model incomes at unit
  • postcodes and even household scales. The results suggest some potential for using unconventional sources of data to freshen up census information and provide direct measures of deprivation.
  • The geography of deprivation in rural Scotland
  • Deprivation ; Economic indicators ; Marginality ; Multivariate analysis ; Poverty ; Rural area ; Rural economy ; Scotland ; Socio-economic system ; United Kingdom
  • Spatial and temporal variation of mortality and deprivation 2 : statistical modelling
  • Deprivation ; Environmental degradation ; Health ; Modelling ; Mortality ; Poisson process ; Regression analysis ; Statistics ; United Kingdom ; Wales
  • Ward-level deprivation and individual social and economic outcomes in the British Household Panel Study
  • Deprivation ; Living standard ; Poverty ; Social exclusion ; Social indicators ; Society ; United Kingdom ; Urban district