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  • The fisheries of Denmark
  • Denmark ; Fishery;Fishing ; Sea fishing
  • Integrated coastal zone management in Denmark
  • Coastal environment ; Concept ; Denmark ; Environmental management ; Sustainable development
  • This paper introduces the concept of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) in a definition with relevance for Denmark. Partly influenced by the Rio Conference the Danish government now deals with the concept of a sustainable development
  • Factors influencing ownership, tenancy, mobility and use of farmland in Denmark
  • Coastal mudslide morphology and processes on Eocene clays in Denmark
  • Supposed area-wasting of the Weichselian ice sheet in Denmark
  • National responses to the energy crises of the 1970s: Belgium and Denmark
  • Recent patterns of population change in Denmark
  • Jordklassificering Danmark. Basisdatakort = Soil classification of Denmark. Soil maps.
  • Denmark in Geology of the european countries. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden.
  • Glacial ice-flows on the islands of Bornholm and Christianso, Denmark
  • This paper contains results from studies of ice flow directions on the islands of Bornholm and Christianso, Denmark, as indicated by striae and other marks of glacial erosion on the bedrock surface.
  • Contrasting restructuring in Denmark and the American Midwest
  • Comparative study ; Crisis ; Denmark ; Economic restructuring ; Economic system ; Economy ; Employment ; Indiana ; Living standard ; Production system
  • The paper compares the experiences of two regions undergoing restructuring as part of a global shift. The distinct cultural histories of Denmark and Indiana have resulted in different forms of restructuring in the two regions: high wage, lower
  • employment negociated restructuring in Denmark and low wage, higher employment neo-liberal restructuring in Indiana. The comparison serves to underline the economic, social and political characteristics of each approach.
  • Atlas over Danmark. Serie 1. Bind 3. Den Danske Jordklassificering = Atlas of Denmark. (Soil classification of Denmark)
  • Atlas ; Denmark ; Irrigation ; Landscape ; Slope ; Soil ; Thematic map
  • America ; Denmark ; Discoveries ; Exploration ; Fifteenth Century ; Historical geography ; History of geography ; Portugal
  • A « geo-psychological » analysis of the relationships between Sweden and Denmark on the one hand and Spain and Portugal on the other. The A. asserts that « sibling inferiority » explains why Denmark and Portugal embarked upon a period of cooperation
  • Pedological regional variations in well-drained soils, Denmark
  • Denmark ; Pedogenesis ; Soil ; Soil classification;Classification of soils ; Soil properties ; Spatial variation ; Statistics
  • Regional economic impacts of tourism : the case of Denmark
  • Denmark ; Economic impact ; Model ; Region ; Regional economy ; Rural area ; Tourism ; Urban area
  • The interspace between Denmark and Sweden : the industrial dynamics of the Öresund cross-border region
  • Denmark ; Development ; Frontier region ; Industrial development ; Sweden
  • Exploring local rural landscape changes in Denmark : a human-environmental timeline perspective
  • Agricultural land use ; Agriculture ; Denmark ; Farm ; Landscape dynamics ; Man-environment relations ; Rural landscape
  • The paper investigates land use changes in a rural landscape with contrasting biophysical potential for agricultural production in western Denmark in a 136 year period (1870-2006). The purpose is to explore links between drivers of landscape change
  • Eemian climatic and hydrographical instability on a marine shelf in northern Denmark
  • Carbon ; Climatic variation ; Continental shelf ; Denmark ; Eemian ; Foraminifera ; Interglacial ; Isotope analysis ; Jylland ; North Atlantic Ocean ; Ocean circulation ; Oxygen 18 ; Palaeo-ecology ; Quaternary ; Salinity ; Water temperature
  • This paper presents benthic forminifera and stable data from the last interglaciation (Eemian, substage 5e) from a borehole at Skagen, Denmark. These data provide evidence for major environmental and hydrographic changes during this period.
  • GRID activities in Denmark
  • Data base ; Denmark ; Education ; Environment ; Environmental degradation ; Geographical information system ; Pollution ; Resource management ; Risk ; Teaching
  • In Denmark a regional centre has been added to the Global Resource Information Database (GRID), run by the United Nations Environment Program. The centre aims at facilitating the difficult task for primary, secondary and general education
  • Late Weichselian Periglacial landforms in the Bergsted area, north-western Zealand, Denmark
  • Dating ; Denmark ; Geographical information system ; Ice wedge ; Model ; Nivation hollow ; Periglacial features ; Thermoluminescence ; Wind erosion
  • for this area and essential for elucidating the climatic conditions during the Late-Glacial period in this part of Denmark. As a basis for the examination, a detailed geomorphological investigation has been carried out on the evolution of the present landscape