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  • Dating of geomorphological processes using dendrogeomorphological methods
  • The object of this study was to develop methods for investigating recent geomorphodynamics of aggradation processes on debris flow cones, alluvial cones and braided gravelbed streams by dendrogeomorphological analyses of the stems and the roots
  • Dendrogeomorphology: review and new techniques of tree-ring dating
  • Dendrogeomorphological analysis of mass movement on Table Cliffs Plateau, Utah
  • Dendrogeomorphological analysis of mass movement. A technical note on the research method
  • A dendrogeomorphological analysis of snow avalanches in the Colorado Front Range, USA
  • In this study, dendrogeomorphological techniques are used to develop avalanche event chronologies and to reconstruct past slide magnitude at two sites located near Loveland Pass, Colorado Front Range. Avalanche path reconstruction
  • Dendrogeomorphological analysis of a slope near Lago, Calabria (Italy)
  • The dendrogeomorphological analysis has been used to investigate the periods of disturbance on a slope affected by deep-seated gravitational movements. The method proved to be of great help in determining the temporal sequence of diffused slope
  • Dendrogeomorphological analyses on exposed roots along two mountains hiking trails in the central Italian Alps
  • The study area is located in upper Valtellina (Central Italian Alps). The aim of this study is to estimate the erosion rate along the 2 trails and to study the effects of walking and foot trampling on tree growth, by using dendrogeomorphological
  • Analyzing rockfall activity (1600-2002) in a protection forest - a case study using dendrogeomorphology
  • In this paper, dendrogeomorphology has been used to investigate spatial and temporal variations of rockfall activity in a protection forest. The AA. report results of 564 cores from 135 European larch trees (Larix decidua Mill.) on the west-facing
  • Spatio-temporal activity of mass movements in the Krušné Hory Mountains (Czech Republic) : dendrogeomorphological case study
  • Czech Republic ; Dendrogeomorphology ; Dendrology ; Mass movement ; Ore Mountains ; Slope ; Slope dynamics ; Space time ; Spatial variation
  • This article utilizes dendrogeomorphology to investigate the spatial and temporal variation of mass movement dynamics on south-eastfacing slopes of the Krušné Hory Mountains, an area affected by open-pit mining. It is based on 93 samples collected
  • Application of shrubs for dendrogeomorphological analysis to reconstruct spatial and temporal landslide movemen patterns. A preliminary study
  • A detailed dendrogeomorphological landslide investigation has been carried out at the Tertiary escarpment in northwest Rheinhessen, Germany. For the first time, analysis of shrub growth curves using optical and statistical techniques has
  • demonstrated the potential of this type of vegetation for dendrogeomorphological analysis. Indications of known dates of landslide occurence (1981/82) have been found in growth rings and showed the potential of shrubs for this type of analysis. In addition
  • Dendrogeomorphology in badlands : Methods, case studies and prospects
  • Badland ; Dendrogeomorphology ; Dendrology ; Erosion rate ; Gully erosion ; Rill wash ; Root system ; Soil erosion ; Vegetation ; Water erosion
  • This paper provides a fundamental review of the dendrogeomorphological methodology applied to erosion measurement in badlands. Focusing on the response of the vegetation to the geomorphic processes, this paper : (a) describes the methodology
  • developed to estimate erosion rates with exposed roots; (b) shows new advances through case studies; and finally, (c) discusses future lines of research to reduce methodological uncertainties and for making dendrogeomorphology more widely applicable.
  • Differentiating past events on a cone influenced by debris-flow and snow avalanche activity - a dendrogeomorphological approach
  • Dendrogeomorphology was used to investigate past events on a cone affected by both debris flows and snow avalanches. The AA. report on results of 520 cores from 251 trees sampled on the Birchbach cone (Swiss Alps), for a 252 yr period, extending
  • Dendrogeomorphological assessment of movement at Hilda rock glacier, Banff National Park, Canadian Rocky Mountains
  • The results of this dendrogeomorphological study provide evidence of the active movement of Hilda rock glacier. The samples were crossdated using locally and regionally developed tree-ring chronologies, and were shown to have been killed between
  • Response time to the Lys Glacier (Valle d'Aosta). An example of a dendrogeomorphological and environmental study
  • Geomorphological features and temporal distribution of the present day landslides activity in the Gordana Basin (Zeri, Northern Apennines) : a dendrogeomorphological analysis
  • The application of dendrology in geomorphological researches is referred as dendrogeomorphology: its aim is to define the rate of geomorphological processes and the period of their activity. The mass movements, erosional and aggradational processes
  • modifying the environment and the trees refer to these changes by altering their growth or tissue. The aim of the case study is to demonstrate the application of dendrogeomorphology. - (AM)
  • Dendrogeomorphology as a tool to unravel snow-avalanche activity : Preliminary results from the Fnjoskadalur test site, Northern Iceland
  • Spatial and temporal rockfall activity in a forest stand in the Swiss Prealps - A dendrogeomorphological case study
  • Castilla-León ; Dendrogeomorphology ; Dendrology ; Flood ; Geographical information system ; Methodology ; Natural hazards ; Palaeohydrology ; Spain ; Watershed
  • This paper presents a novel methodology for selecting preliminary suitable watersheds for dendrogeomorphological palaeoflood research in central Spain (provinces of Segovia, Avila, Madrid, Guadalajara and Cuenca). Using GIS tools and basic thematic
  • maps, the AA. defined 3 different indexes concerning the occurrence of dendrogeomorphological evidence. A Consensus Decision Making procedure (CDM) was carried out in order to weight each factor individually prior to combining the factors. As a result
  • frequency and magnitude of floods in basins without gauges could potentially be provided by dendrogeomorphological studies.
  • Czech Republic ; Dendrogeomorphology ; Dendrology ; Mass movement ; Mining activity ; Mountain ; Slope dynamics
  • The object of this study is the dendrogeomorphological research of 35 severely tilted trees (Fagus sylvatica) in a natural hazard area around Jezeří Chateau in the Krušné Hory Mts. The paper studies the dynamics of mass movement in a geologically