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  • Financing total National Defence
  • Foundations of the system of financing total National Defence, financing total National Defence at federal level, in Republics and autonomous Provinces, financing the formation of commodity reserves in case of war, financing total national defence
  • The geography of defence - Developing themes of study
  • Aerospatial engineering ; Defence ; Economic impact ; Environment ; Environmental conservation ; Military expenditures ; Military geography ; Political geography ; Security ; United Kingdom
  • Greater access to information after the Post-Cold War period gives researchers new opportunities to study the environmental, economic and social impacts of military defence. The A. looks at the contribution to change made by pressure groups
  • and at examples from the UK defence sector. Defence forces are reacting to criticism about negative impacts through a variety of measures including environmental training, site remediation and the use of simulation technology.
  • In defence of shift-share
  • Defence spending : a successful industrial policy ?
  • Coastal defence and the Habitats Directive : predictions of habitat change in England and Wales
  • The North-South divide in the UK defence sector
  • Armament industry ; Defence ; Diversification ; High-tech industry ; Industry ; Regional disparities ; Research and development ; Technology ; United Kingdom
  • Regional sub-contract suppliers to prime defence contractors : evidence of their performance in response to recent changes in demand
  • Defence ; Diversification ; Enterprise ; Investment ; Military expenditures ; Regional disparities ; Regional policy ; Specialization ; Sub-contracting ; Technological innovation ; United Kingdom
  • Airfield closures and air defence reorientation in Britain during the Cold War and its immediate aftermath
  • Cold War ; Defence ; Economic impact ; Geostrategy ; Land use ; Regional disparities ; Spatial analysis ; United Kingdom
  • The role of US defence exports in Asia Pacific regionalism
  • Armament ; Asia ; Defence ; Eastern Asia ; Economic space ; Export ; Geopolitics ; International relations ; Political geography ; Regionalism
  • Coastal defence policy on the East Anglian coast
  • Totalitarianism and geography : L. S. Berg and the defence of an academic discipline in the age of Stalin
  • The defence sector in British regional development
  • Caracas, un espace urbain controverse. Apercu general de la situation urbaine d une capitale appartenant a un pays non industrialise et la defence active du cadre de vie d un quartier ancien du centre-ville
  • Public perception of flood risk and flood defence policies : the example of Setúbal
  • RandD and the peace dividend: a review of the implications for some local defence-dependent economies in the UK
  • Parochialism - a defence
  • Regional intervention, defence industries, and the structuring of space in Britain: the case of Bristol and South Wales
  • High technology industry in the Bristol sub-region: the aerospace/defence nexus
  • Defence ; International relations ; Political geography ; Regional policy ; Security
  • Armament industry ; Defence ; Economic reform ; Industry ; Restructuring process ; Russia