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  • Morphotectonics indices of the Dead Sea transform, Jordan
  • Dead Sea ; Index ; Jordan ; Mountain ; Regional geology ; Structural geomorphology ; Tectonics ; Valley
  • Two morphotectonic indices (i.e. mountain front sinuosity (Smf) and valley-floor width to heigh ratio (Vf) were measured along the eastern margin of the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley. The subdivision was based on the continuity and trend
  • Late Quaternary geological history of the Dead Sea Area, Israel
  • C14 dating ; Climatic variation ; Dead Sea ; Israel ; Lake level ; Quaternary ; Sedimentology ; Stratigraphy
  • The present study deals with the history of the Dead Sea area, from the shrinking of Lake Lisan onward, as reflected in the sediments found in boreholes in the fan delta of Wadi Zeelim some 400-700 m from the present (1989) shoreline of the Dead Sea.
  • Morphotectonic indices of the Eastern Wadi Araba (Dead Sea Rift, Jordan)
  • Dead Sea ; Fault ; Index ; Jordan ; Rift ; Structural geomorphology ; Tectonics ; Transforming fault
  • Two morphotectonic indices (mountain front sinuosity, valley width to height ratio) were measured along the eastern rim of Wadi Araba, which represents the southern segment of the Dead Sea transform in Jordan. The area can be divided into three
  • mountain fronts based on trend and continuity of the escarpment. The southern two fronts are controlled by two eroded boundary normal faults, while the northern front is controlled by the Dead Sea transform fault. - (NF)
  • Relief inversion in the Avrona playa as evidence of large-magnitude historical earthquakes, southern Arava Valley, Dead Sea Rift
  • C 14 dating ; Dead Sea ; Fault ; Geophysics ; Holocene ; Inverted relief ; Israel ; Neotectonics ; Pedogenesis ; Quaternary ; Rift ; Seismicity ; Thermoluminescence
  • . The seismic qiescence in the Arava may indicate a seismic gap in this segment of the Dead Sea Transform (DST) in southern Israel.
  • Reevaluation of the lake-sediment chronology in the Dead Sea Basin, Israel, based on new 230Th/U dates
  • Dating ; Dead Sea ; Geochronology ; Isotope analysis ; Israel ; Lacustrine sediment ; Lake level ; Palaeogeography ; Stratigraphy ; Th/U dating
  • The Dead Sea is surrounded by chemical and detrital sediments that where deposited in its larger precursor lakes, Lake Samra and Lake Lisan. The sedimentary history of these lakes was reconstructed by means of 230Th/234 U ages of 30 samples
  • Geomorphology of the eastern coast of the Dead Sea, Jordan
  • Applied geomorphology ; Climatic variation ; Coastal environment ; Coastal geomorphology ; Dead Sea ; Delta ; Drainage network ; Fault ; Jordan ; Karst ; Mass movement ; Natural hazards ; Sea level ; Sedimentation ; Taffoni ; Terrace
  • This paper aims to investigate the geomorphological characteristics of the eastern coast of the Dead Sea as influenced by structural instability and climatic changes. Aerial photos and map analyses served to distinguish main morphological features
  • and slope classes, whereas geomorphological changes along the coast, mainly those developed by the declining of the Dead Sea levels were located and examined in the field. Also attention was paid to dimensions and development of particular features
  • The Dead sea rift
  • Morphological evidence of lake level changes, western shore of the Dead Sea in Research contributions to the physical geography of Israel. Studies in fluvial and coastal geomorphology of arid and mediterranean regions.
  • Guided by air photographs, intensive measurements were made of the height of the various traces left by former levels of the Dead Sea on its western shore. The results point to sudden steep changes of the Dead Sea level long periods of recurring
  • steady levels at different heights, and overlapping of traces of the same height, left at great intervals of time. The fluctuations of the level of the Dead Sea during historical times also proved to be exceedingly large.
  • Fluvial adjustment of the Lower Jordan River to a drop in the Dead Sea level
  • Asia ; Channel geometry ; Dead Sea ; Downcutting ; Israel ; Jordan ; Longitudinal section ; Meander ; River bed ; Sea level ; Southwest Asia ; Stream
  • Holocene earthquakes inferred from a fan-delta sequence in the Dead Sea graben
  • C 14 dating ; Dead Sea ; Delta ; Earthquake ; Fault ; Graben ; Holocene ; Israel ; Neotectonics ; Quaternary ; Sedimentary ; Stratigraphy ; Transforming fault
  • The Holocene sequence of the fan-delta of Nahal Darga, in Israel, records deformation associated with earthquakes related to the Dead Sea Transform in general and to the Jericho Fault in particular. 20 radiocarbon ages help to date the earthquakes
  • Geophysical investigations in the Dead Sea
  • The radiation climate of the Dead Sea
  • The evolution of Holocène reg (gravelly) soils in deserts. An example from the Dead Sea region
  • The Med-Dead Sea project a vision or reality?
  • The Mormon experience : the plains as Sinai, the Great Salt Lake as the Dead Sea, and the Great Basin as desert-cum-promised land
  • Arid area ; C 14 dating ; Dead Sea ; Diapir ; Fluvial erosion ; Groundwater ; Holocene ; Israel ; Karst ; Longitudinal section ; Rift ; Salt ; Stream
  • This paper focuses on downcutting rates and stream profile development measured in rock salt cave stream passages in the Mount Sedom salt diapir, Dead Sea rift valley, Israel. Although the area is very arid, the diapir contains extensive karst
  • Structural position of the Pleistocene Gesher Benot Ya'agov Site in the Dead Sea Rift Zone
  • A high stand of the Dead Sea at the end of the Neolithic period : paleoclimatic and archeological implications
  • Neotectonic and volcanic characteristics of the Karasu fault zone (Anatolia, Turkey) : the transition zone between the Dead Sea transform and the East Anatolian fault zone
  • The declining but non-rejuvenating base level. The Lisan Lake, the Dead Sea area, Israel