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  • Indexing the census: a by-product of the simulation of whole populations by means os SAS and SAR data
  • Computing ; Data bank ; Data processing ; Population census ; Simulation ; Statistical data ; United Kingdom
  • Reliability of NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data in the Himalayas/Tibetan Plateau
  • Atmospheric pressure ; China ; Climatic data ; High mountain ; Instrumentation ; Meteorology ; Mountain ; Temperature ; Tibet
  • The AA. compare the observational data of pressure and temperature collected at Mt Qomolangma and Mt NQ with the NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data. The main aim is to verify the reliability of the NCEP/NCAR data in the extreme high mountain regions.
  • Data analysis ; Geographical information system ; Higher education ; Teaching of geography ; United States
  • Describes a course at the University of North Carolina organized under the major headings of data acquisition, data encoding, data display, and data analysis. Laboratory work on satellite image processing, GIS analysis and data output are part
  • An application of probability theory to rainfall data analyses
  • Tests of significance using nonnormal data
  • Cloud liquid water path derived from AVHRR data using APOLLO in Special issue : Applications of AVHRR data.
  • An algorithm for snow and ice detection using AVHRR data. An extension to the Apollo software package in Special issue : Applications of AVHRR data.
  • Regional boundary layer airflow patterns derived from digital NOAA-AVHRR data in Special issue : Applications of AVHRR data.
  • Remote sensing of aerosols over the oceans using AVHRR data. Theory, practice and applications in Special issue : Applications of AVHRR data.
  • Lowest order correction to GVI data for solar zenith angle effect in Special issue : Applications of AVHRR data.
  • AVHRR data processing to study the surface canopies in temperate regions. First results of HAPEX-MOBILHY in Special issue : Applications of AVHRR data.
  • Observations of volcanic ash clouds in the 10-12 m window using AVHRR/2 data in Special issue : Applications of AVHRR data.
  • The acquisition of ground data for surveys based on remotely sensed data in Remote sensing application in agriculture and hydrology.
  • Problems of field data collection in geodetic measurements
  • The advantages of semi-automatic and automatic data collection equipments are detailed. The construction of a new intelligent data collection system is described.
  • Atmospheric correction of thermal infrared data using multi-height data acquisition
  • Evaluating soil erosion models using measured plot data : accounting for variability in the data
  • The objective of this study was to construct a method for incorporating erosional variability into a system of model evaluation whereby model predictions are compared to measured erosion plot data. The result is a quantitative, statistically based
  • Data sources and data quality
  • Birth control ; China ; Data collection ; Demography ; Fertility ; Immigration ; Source of documentation ; United States of America
  • Evaluation of the collection, archiving and publication of daily snow data in the United States
  • Snow is an important component of the earth's environment and can significantly impact the everyday life. The quality of the data varies from one state to another, although it tends to be weakest where snow is least common. As a result
  • of this evaluation, the list of stations with daily snow data published in National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climatological Data publications has been revised and expanded.
  • Umweltbewusstsein und umweltbezogene Forschung in Alaska das Arctic Environmental Information and Data Center, Anchorage. (Conscience du milieu et recherches liées à l'environnement en Alaska l'Arctic Environmental Information and Data Center
  • Alaska ; Arctic Environmental Information and Data Center ; Environnement ; Géographie des régions polaires ; Perception ; Recherche ; Zone froide
  • Estimation of net productivity in China using remote sensing data
  • In this paper a net primary productivity (NPP) model based on remote sensing data and climate data is developed. And then using this model and 1km resolution monthly AVHRR NDVI data, the spatial distribution and seasonal change of NPP in China