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  • Evaluation of the collection, archiving and publication of daily snow data in the United States
  • Snow is an important component of the earth's environment and can significantly impact the everyday life. The quality of the data varies from one state to another, although it tends to be weakest where snow is least common. As a result
  • of this evaluation, the list of stations with daily snow data published in National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climatological Data publications has been revised and expanded.
  • Automated data collection and management system for climatic data at an agricultural research institution
  • Geophysical data collected underway on Glomar Challenger, Leg 47B
  • 45 taxa belonging to the Cyanophyceae have been collected from September to December 1986 in the region of Boulogne and along the Belgian coast. Ecological data are added to the morphological and anatomical descriptions based on the collected
  • material. An identification key is given for the collected species, each of which is illustrated. - (Author).
  • Urban hydrology in the tropics : problems, solutions, data collection and analysis in Urban climatology and its applications with special regard to tropical areas.
  • Paleogeography, stratigraphy and genesis of the loess-paleosol formation of Northern Eurasia (palynological data) in Distribution and chronological problems of loess.
  • The palynological data collected by the A. in the course of a detailed study of the loess-paleosol sections in the Russian Plain and Central Asia and the yedoma loess like sediments of Northern Asia as well as data published by others concerning
  • is collected in a number of traps placed by the AA. at weather station in Crete. Data from the statistics and from the traps are presented, analysed and discussed here.
  • This paper deals with eolian deposits and dust storms in Greece. Statistics on episodes with atmospheric dust are extracted from meteorological data taken at a number of Greek weather stations. In addition eolian dust of probably Saharan origin
  • National water data coordination in the United States
  • Le Bureau de coordination des données hydrauliques créé en 1964 au sein du Geological Survey, est chargé de la collecte des données hydrologiques et hydrométriques à l'échelle des Etats-Unis. Un Catalogue d'information sur les données hydrauliques
  • This study investigates the ability of the Shields relation to predict the initiation of sediment transport by overland flow on desert hillslopes. The Shields relation is evaluated using data collected from a series of overland flow experiments
  • on runoff plots in southern Arizona. Because the data deviate in a systematic manner from the Shields relation, alternative threshold relations are developed and discussed.
  • Recent research has established strong correlations between meteorologic data, snowpack stratigraphy, and snow avalanche occurrence. Based on several years of data collection on weather conditions and avalanche activity in the San Juan Mountains
  • Data collected in the nearshore region between Point Lay and Icy Cape, Alaska, support the thesis that a well-developed coastal jet is present during the summer. The temporal variability of the current is as predicted by theory. The physical
  • on 9.6 m2 of the bottom has been collected with a handnet and later on identified and counted. The interpretation of the data was done with the aid of statistical techniques and biological water assessment methods.
  • The boring activities of Polydora BOSC. 1802, are an important agent in bioerosion. Trace fossils attributed to this worm are very common. From data collected on Recent representatives of Polydora ciliata JOHNSTON 1838, it is evident that the boring
  • 1. Elements of the theory of continuous media and its application to the experimental study of soils. 2. Description of the analysed data, which relate to marine deposits collected of the Irish coast at approximately 6000m depth. Using a split
  • A field survey of thirty stream junctions from a small watershed, together with data collected by Miller (1958) allowed to investigate morphometric adjustments occurring at confluences. The model proposed by Roy and Woldenberg (1986) was slightly
  • and applications. The examples are mainly based on data collected by the author in the United States.
  • is there. The paper discusses these methods, the problems associated with them, the uses to which they have been put, and the data that have been collected.
  • acquisition system and the treatment of collected data is given.
  • and a description of the various types of sensors are detailed. Three domains of investigation are distinguished: the fields of thermic and hydraulic in the soil, along with the menachichal behaviour of the soil and the steel tube. A description of the data
  • Rates of cave and landform development in the Yorkshire dales from speleothem age data
  • Uranium-series ages have been obtained for 87 speleothems collected from nine major cave systems in the Craven district of northern England. Large systems such as Ease Gill Caverns, the West Kingsdale caves, and Gaping Gill-Ingleborough Cave, which
  • Forest-type stratification and delineation of shifting cultivation areas in the eastern part of Arunachal Pradesh using Landsat MSS data in Indian national natural resources management system.
  • dégradation de la région nord-est de la zone, là où peu d'informations peuvent être collectées autrement. (CB).