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  • Constraints on the rate of post-orogenic erosional decay from low-temperature thermochronological data : application to the Dabie Shan, China
  • an inversion method to extract information on the rate of surface relief evolution in the Dabie Shan, from a thermochronological dataset collected by Reiners et al. (2003) in the area.
  • The dated sediments were collected from the banks of tie channels along the Lower Mississippi River, the Fly River in Papua New Guinea, and Birch Creek along the Yukon River in Alaska. Tie channels connect the oxbow lakes to the main stem river
  • To define the erosion patterns in the Bolivian Andes, the AA. present 48 erosion rate estimates, derived from analysis of in situ Be 10 in quartz-bearing alluvium collected from the Upper Beni River basin. Patterns of normalized channel steepness