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  • Army ; Burma ; Daily life ; Human rights ; Policy ; Political regime ; Status of women ; Violence ; Woman
  • Report based on original interviews of army defectors and Burmese villagers. The burmese army, largely uneducated, plays an enormous role in the daily governance of Burma and is indistinguishable from the ruling regime. The army (Tatmadaw
  • ) is the government, and the government controls politics, economy, and daily lives of Burma's citizens. The military structures government controls politics, economy, and daily lives of Burma's citizens. The military structures give rise to prevalent rape. Those
  • Exploring the social face of urban mobility : daily mobility as part of the social structure in Spain
  • Daily life ; Household behaviour ; Mobility ; Navarra ; Residential location ; Social inequality ; Social life ; Spain ; Urban migration ; Urban policy ; Urban sprawl ; Urban structure
  • Daily life ; Housing ; Living conditions ; Romania ; Transylvania ; Travel account ; Urban landscape
  • Daily life ; General geography ; Geopolitics ; History ; Population ; Regional economy ; Regional geography ; Tadzhikistan
  • Behaviour ; Daily life ; Enquiry ; Society ; Well-being
  • Benin ; Cotonou ; Daily life ; Food trade ; Informal sector ; Large city ; Marketing ; Street
  • Automation ; Computing ; Daily life ; Infrastructure ; Production of space ; Technology
  • Bushfire and everyday life : examining the awareness-action gap in changing rural landscapes
  • Australia ; Bushfire ; Daily life ; Environmental management ; Natural hazards ; New South Wales ; Perception ; Rural landscape ; Rural property
  • The notion of everyday life is used critically to examine an apparent gap between bushfire risk awareness and preparedness amongst diverse landholders in rural landscapes affected by amenity-led in-migration in southeast Australia. Three dilemmas
  • of everyday life are found to underpin the attitudes : costs (monetary and time values), gender roles, and priorities. Using a mixed-methods research approach, the simultaneous cultural construction and material nature of bushfire in everyday life is mapped
  • Coordinating everyday life in the Netherlands : a holistic quantitative approach to the analysis of ICT-related and other work-life balance strategies
  • Behaviour ; Communication ; Daily life ; Household behaviour ; Information ; Netherlands (The) ; Preference
  • . Several distinct combinations of strategies are identified. ICT-related strategies are frequently adopted by highly educated employed parents attempting to achieve a satisfying work-life balance and tend to complement other types of strategies.
  • Mapping the terrain of time-space compression : power networks in everyday life
  • Capitalism ; Concept ; Daily life ; Economic system ; Partnership ; Power ; Social network ; Societal relations ; Space time
  • Behaviour ; Consumption ; Daily life ; Environment ; Quality of life ; Social practice ; Sustainable development ; United Kingdom ; Way of life
  • Carbon offset ; Daily life ; Education ; Human geography ; Living conditions ; Living standard ; Moral geography ; Space ; Way of life
  • The four articles deal with geography and morality, good spaces and bad spaces, the relation of morality and space in geography ; the theoretical advisements and the empirical results to morality in weekday life at the eastern external frontier
  • Heterosexism and the geographies of everyday life in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Behaviour ; Belfast ; Daily life ; Northern Ireland ; Sexual behaviour ; United Kingdom ; Urban area
  • AIDS ; Buddhism ; Burma ; Conflict ; Cultural studies ; Daily life ; Ethnic minority ; Medical services ; Policy
  • of the book tells the stories of people whose lives were permanently altered by the democracy movement crushed by the military. Part 2 : Traditions, focus on the rich cultural aspects of life in Burma, especially the pervasive influence of Buddhism on daily
  • life. Part 3 : Today's struggles includes view of the military, forced labour, ethnic minority fleeing repression in remote border areas and doctors seeking to provide health care in a country that has one of the world's fastest growing rates of AIDS
  • Army ; Buddhism ; Burma ; Conflict ; Crisis ; Daily life ; Policy ; Political regime ; Power ; Religion ; Society
  • with the regime in order to carry on with their daily life. A. also explores the strategies and techniques which the military has skilfully deployed in order to maintain itself in power in defiance of the popular will. After 1988 the internationalization
  • A. presents the political history of the country and gives an insight picture of what life under military rule is like through extensive interviews conducted inside and outside the country. Burmese people feel compelled to make accommodations
  • Cape Province ; Cape Town ; Community ; Daily life ; Housing ; Isolation ; Outer conurbation area ; Segregation ; Social housing ; South Africa
  • An investigation in Khayelitsha, a large African township on the periphery of Cape Town, revealed the degree to which its residents were trapped, figuratively, within its confines during the course of their daily lives rather than taking advantage
  • RAMBLAS : a regional planning model based on the microsimulation of daily activity travel patterns
  • Daily life ; Demand ; Flow ; Model ; Netherlands (The) ; Simulation ; Space time ; Transport system ; Urban planning ; Urban traffic ; Urban transport ; Workplace
  • The daily travel of villagers to the city in a case study of Northern Iran
  • Commuting ; Daily life ; Facilities ; Flow ; Iran ; Living standard ; Local economy ; Rural outmigration ; Trip ; Village
  • Activism ; Arabs ; Citizenship ; Community ; Daily life ; Frontier ; Immigrants ; International migration ; Security ; Social cohesion ; United Kingdom ; United States of America
  • have increased feelings of fear and insecurity within their communities. They emphasize how immigration, border and surveillance technologies lent a pervasive sense of insecurity to daily life.
  • Cognitive space ; Daily life ; Espace vécu ; Human geography ; Perception ; Practice of geography