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  • The daily activities of metropolitan suburbanities and the urban daily rythm; the case study of Kawagoe, a suburb of Tokyo, and Nisshin, a suburb of Nagoya
  • Daily life ; Honshu ; Japan ; Nagoya ; Suburbs ; Tokyo ; Urban practice ; Way of life ; Woman
  • This paper aims to examine the relationship between the daily activities of metropolitan suburbanities and the urban dialy rhythm. The A. choosed two cities in big metropolitan area and he analyzed behavioral patterns of women.
  • Daily-life activity space of Chinese citizens - A case study of Lanzhou City
  • China ; Cluster analysis ; Daily life ; Gansu ; Space time ; Time geography ; Urban area
  • by cluster analysis. The daily-life activity space in each day is examined based on temporal-spatial changes of activities using time-geography approach. - (KA)
  • Leisure in the daily lives of South African economically active single mothers
  • Daily life ; Leisure ; Pretoria ; Quality of life ; South Africa ; Transvaal ; Woman
  • . Certain clear divides exist between the leisure worlds daily experienced by white and black South African women.
  • Dreaming the ordinary : daily life and the complex geographies of citizenship
  • Citizenship ; Daily life ; Legislation ; Society
  • The comic book diary of Kamayan : the life of a day-laborer in Kamagasaki
  • Daily life ; Japan ; Labour ; Social relations ; Society ; Urban life ; Way of life ; Working conditions
  • Evaluation of the collection, archiving and publication of daily snow data in the United States
  • Snow is an important component of the earth's environment and can significantly impact the everyday life. The quality of the data varies from one state to another, although it tends to be weakest where snow is least common. As a result
  • of this evaluation, the list of stations with daily snow data published in National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climatological Data publications has been revised and expanded.
  • Slum dweller's daily movement pattern in a Calcutta slum
  • Calcutta ; Daily life ; India ; Informal settlement ; Slum ; Social space ; Trip ; Urban settlement ; West Bengal
  • This study identifies the daily activity pattern of a city slum in Calcutta and analyzes the socio-economic correlates and proposes activity pattern models. The study area, Tangra slum is located in a low-lying poorly drained area. The ideal
  • Codes of life : identification codes and the machine-readable world
  • Computing ; Consumption ; Daily life ; Information system ; Management ; Way of life
  • Daily life ; Theory ; Urban area ; Urban life ; Urban sociology
  • The A. wants to explore more closely Lefebvre's injunction for a careful examination of the relationship between space, language and politics. He wants to examine the metaphors used by scholars theorizing urban space and everyday urban life
  • Car ; Cognitive space ; Daily life ; Individual transport ; Space of life ; Way of life
  • Time-space and everyday life : South African mothers in urban context
  • Daily life ; Pretoria ; South Africa ; Space time ; Transvaal ; Urban environment ; Woman
  • Disaster vulnerability : scale, power and daily life
  • Concept ; Daily life ; Marginality ; Natural hazards ; Poverty ; Social geography ; Social group ; Social theory ; State control
  • Daily life ; Family ; Leisure ; Netherlands (The) ; Social space ; Space time ; Structuration theory ; Time geography ; Woman
  • Based upon the structuration theory of Giddens and the time-space concepts put forward by Hagerstand the A. focusses upon the way women create leisure in striving to overcome the constraints of their daily life. Daily activity patterns and changes
  • in the life paths of over forty women in different household, working and living situations are studied. In doing so three types of control could be distinguished : the classic, the family-oriented and the individualistic type. - (AGD)
  • Attitude ; Cambridgeshire ; Daily life ; Gender difference ; High-tech industry ; Social geography ; Social space ; Societal relations ; United Kingdom
  • The paper explores the working out in daily life of certain classic dualisms of western thought. It focuses on reason/non-reasaon and transcendence/immanence and on their influence in structuring social relations in and around high-technology
  • Bangkok ; Daily life ; Inner city ; Large city ; Slum ; Thailand ; Urban geography ; Urban practice ; Urban settlement ; Urban society ; Urban structure
  • metropolis. Adopting insights from anthropology, urban studies and human geography, the A. examines the city's variety from the inner-city slums to the rural-urban fringe. He explains the daily life of the city's inhabitants, middle class suburbanites
  • The importance of neighbourhood in everyday life. First section
  • Competitiveness ; Daily life ; Gentrification ; Social change ; Social status ; Town ; Urban district ; Urban life
  • Community ; Daily life ; Neo liberalism ; Policy ; Service ; South Africa
  • Neoliberalism has seeped into interstices which govern everyday life in South Africa. It has caused hardship and this is evidenced by a number of community struggles around basic services. It is the struggles which give rise to alternatives
  • Daily life ; Environment ; Hungary ; Impact ; Nuclear power station ; Physical geography ; Power station ; Social geography
  • The AA. give an overview of the physical and social geographical researches which focus on the changes and effects that the operation of power plant caused in the environment and the everyday life of local people. - (AM)
  • Concept ; Daily life ; Economic strategy ; Energy resources ; Household behaviour ; Project ; Space time ; Time geography
  • The paper discusses how time-geography can be developed by closing the gap to other social sciences. The objective is to contribute to the development of a theory of action, dealing with everyday life.
  • Behaviour ; Daily life ; Health ; Perception ; Social life