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  • Fictional films have an ability to visually represent conditions of daily life and as such can effectively be used to teach geography. Two films, one about Bombay, India by Nair, and the other about Martinique by Palcy are briefly examined
  • On the decomposition of changes in expectation of life and differentials in life expectancy
  • Computers bring map projections back to life
  • A Reexamination of migration, economic opportunity, and the quality of life. Comment, reply and extension
  • Geography and the quality of life. (Presidential address)
  • Ideology, everyday life and emancipatory phenomenology
  • Reviews of geographic software : Life tables and the Leslie matrix. Mentmap 2. PC-Matlab. Quickmap. Systat. USA Display
  • Literature and everyday life
  • Infant mortality and life expectancy in the Arab world
  • Growth and the quality of life: some logical and methodological issues in Nonmetropolitan industrial growth and community change.
  • A new look at entropy and the life table
  • Social reproduction and the time-geography of everyday life
  • An empirical evaluation of two assessment methods for utility measurement for life years
  • Deconstructing regions : notes on the scales of spatial life in New perspectives on the locality debate.
  • Life table transformations and inequality measures : some noteworthy formal relationships
  • Voting status life tables for the United States, 1968-1980
  • A generalization of life expectancy which incorporates the age distribution of the population and its use in the measurement of the impact of mortality reduction
  • Teaching strategies based on reading Twain's Life on the Mississippi . - (DWG)
  • Life experience as catalyst for cross-disciplinary communication
  • The impact of technological and institutional innovations on life content: some time-geographic observations