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  • The condominium: an option for when the chips are down
  • Relationships between the morphometric parameters of meander planform in south county Down
  • Ajustement ; Cours d'eau ; Down ; Dynamique fluviale ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Géomorphométrie ; Géométrie hydraulique ; Hydrodynamique ; Lit fluvial ; Méandre ; Northern Ireland ; Royaume-Uni
  • A multivariate analysis of the particle size characteristics of regolith in a catchment on the Darling Downs, Australia
  • Utilisation de l'analyse multivariée pour étudier les relations entre les formes de relief, les dimensions des particules du regolithe et les processus de géomorphogenèse dans le Bassin linthorpe, District Darling Downs, Queensland Sud-Est.
  • Down in Arkansas : a state in the popular media
  • Getting Antarctica down cold!
  • Under down under : the dug-out town of Coober Pedy
  • Fished up or thrown down : the geography of Pacific Island origin myths
  • Colluvial processes and soil variation at field boundaries in County Down
  • To ascertain if the formation and survival of colluvium deposits, step-like in cross section, can affect soil property variation, a study was carried out in 3 fields at 3 different sites in mid-County Down. Results show that downslope changes
  • A fast procedure for sampling sedimentary structures down to 1,1m in unconsolidated wet sands
  • An inexpensive, simple and efficient method has been developed for sampling sedimentary structures, down to 1.1m below the sediment surface, in unconsolidated wet sands. The method can be used on land and in quiet water to a depth of at least
  • Da Lowenthal a Downs a Frémont: aspetti della geografia della percezione
  • Les études en géographie de la perception sont marquées par trois phases selon l'A., auxquelles on peut associer trois noms: Lowenthal, Downs et Frémont. Ils traitent du comportement spatial en relation avec la perception individuelle à partir des
  • Derivation of the chalk superficial deposits of the North Downs, England : an application of discriminant analysis
  • North Downs.
  • An introduction to upside-down remote sensing
  • Over the last decade, a number of applications have been developed which utilize ground-based hemispherical photography. The collection of such imagery can be described as upside-down remote sensing as, instead of viewing the Earth from a platform
  • in the sky, techniques are being employed to view the sky from the Earth. This paper reviews the current theory and potential applications of upside-down remote sensing across the electromagnetic spectrum. To date, apparatus has been developed to detect
  • Evidence for Holocene megafloods down the Tsangpo River gorge, southeastern Tibet
  • that impounded the lakes would have released outburst floods down the gorge of the Tsangpo River with big peak discharges. The erosive potential represented by the unit stream power calculated for the head of the gorge during such a catastrophic lake breakout
  • indicates that post-glacial megafloods down the Tsangpo River were likely among the most erosive events in recent Earth history.
  • Soil erosion and flooding on the eastern South Downs, southern England, 1976-2001
  • The South Downs in southern England have been farmed for 5000 years : the initial loess cover is now a thin, stony remnant as a result of erosion. Flood damage to property has been a regular event since the conversion of this area to winter cereals
  • the future of erosion on the South Downs.
  • Belated honor to a prophet : Newburgh's Downing Park
  • Declining student performance in college geography and the down-writing of texts
  • On the accuracy of alternative models for stepping-down multi-county employment projections to countries
  • The pattern and impact of the filter down process in nonmetropolitan Kentucky
  • The filtering-down process: industrial location in a nonmetropolitan area
  • A world turned upside down. (Conférence du Secrétaire général du Commonwealth)