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  • Les Dai Ya du Yunnan
  • Chine ; Dai Ya ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Modernisation agricole ; Mécanisation agricole ; Outillage agricole ; Riz ; Riziculture ; Système de culture ; Technique agricole ; Yunnan
  • Outils agricoles et modernisation agricole en riziculture au Yunnan chez les Dai Y'a. - (OC)
  • Extreme temperature days in Hong Kong
  • Extreme temperature days for the period from 1947 to 1998 in Hong Kong were investigated, to examine the variability of the extreme days, and to relate extreme days to synoptic influences. Significant decreasing trends of both warm and cold days
  • were discovered. Results of this study create a climatology of extreme temperature days in Hong Kong.
  • An analysis of tornado days in Missouri for the period 1950-2002
  • Tornado analysis using a tornado-day approach was made for the State of Missouri, and its climatic divisions, for the period 1950-2002. Although tornado days have not increased in Missouri, the NW Prairie climatic division recorded a statistically
  • significant decline in tornado days during that time period. Seasonal patterns in tornado days were examined for each of the 115 countries in Missouri using cluster analysis.
  • Caste and modernization in India to-day
  • Areal value of degree-day factor
  • This paper looks at trends in selected types of meteotropic situation in Kraków during the period 1901-2010. The situations taken into account included the number of frosty days (tmax30°C), hot nights (tmin>20°C), days
  • with a daily amplitude of air temperature greater than 12°C (tmax-tmin>12°C), days with a more than 6°C change in air temperature from the previous day (Δtśr>6°C) and days with insolation deficit (no direct sunlight). The trends found by the study concerned
  • decreases in the number of frosty days (tmax6°C). The 110 year period was characterised by a decrease in the number of days
  • Sea-level adjusted daily values for atmospheric pressure and the major day-to-day changes in pressure were used to identify within Poland two zones differing more markedly in the burden the pressure changes identified impose on the human organism
  • during the cool half-year lasting from October to March inclusive. The overall trend is for areas further to the north in Poland to be associated with both more frequent instances of >8 hPa day-to-day changes and changes of greater magnitude, in winter
  • particularly. This season is more likely to be characterised by large falls in pressure from day to day, than by large rises, with these even exceeding 35 hPa on occasion. Overall, while the south of Poland records day-to-day changes in pressure of >8 hPa
  • on less than 23% of days in the cool half-year, the north experiences such changes on more than 25% of all days. – (BJ)
  • Soil properties and moisture characteristics and their relationship with crop mid-day stress
  • in relation to (an agronomic problem) mid-day water stress in the Sudan Gezira.
  • Study of the number of days with snowfall, recorded between 1883 and 1981 in Nancy: 1. Monthly frequential analysis| 2. Multiple linear regression to explain the frequency of snowfalls or the number of days with steady snowcover, based
  • on the monthly average minimal and maximal temperatures, the precipations and the number of rainy days.
  • days than in the cloudy/rainy days. The alternation of hot sunny days with cloudy/rainy days is most favourable for bacterial spores dispersion.
  • The diurnal, seasonal and annual patterns of hail days are examined. Hail day frequency appears to be inversely related to rainfall periodicity in the main summer rainfall region. - (AJC)
  • A szocialgeografia tegnap és ma Social geography yesterday and to day
  • Za s''vremennata fiziceska geografija About the present-day physical geography
  • The A. approaches unusual atmospheric phenomena by studying the fractal dimensional resolution of measuring networks and the intermittency of the day to day temperature fluctuations.
  • Ritual and place. Memorials of D-Day in Normandy
  • Granite hillslope morphology and present-day processes in semi-arid zone of Mongolia
  • Contributions to physical geography : thematic diversity as a present-day problem of disciplines
  • The need for parallel studies on denudation chronology and present-day processes
  • Simen Mountains Ethiopia: Present day altitudinal belts.
  • Trend surface models for estimating median rainfall for successive ten-day periods in Uganda