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  • Développement durable (progrès) et géographie
  • Dégradation ; Développement ; Développement durable ; Environnement ; Géographie
  • Degradation ; Development ; Environment ; Geography ; Sustainable development
  • The extent and intensity of different forms of degradation of geographical environment and its constituents prove the need for such economic development which will take account of environmental features. In order to increase the environmental
  • component of human welfare, only passively devised protection of geographical environment is not sufficient. Geography of sustainable development both as an area of research and as a subject in the curriculum, lays emphasis on the significance of landscape
  • Concept théorique et appliqué d'un progrès durable géré au plus près de la nature
  • Point de vue géographique du développement régional
  • Concept ; Développement ; Développement durable ; Ecologie humaine ; Géographie humaine ; Qualité de la vie
  • Concept ; Development ; Human ecology ; Human geography ; Quality of life ; Sustainable development
  • development, or in a broader sense progress, means permanent (sustainable) and simultaneous improvement of material, social and environmental quality of life, thus a permanent raise of the welfare in its broader sense of all inhabitants within the capacities
  • Développement durable ; Environnement ; Géographie appliquée ; Méthodologie ; Recherche
  • Applied geography ; Environment ; Methodology ; Research ; Sustainable development
  • Développement durable ; Développement économique ; Environnement ; Mondialisation ; Slovénie
  • Economic development ; Environment ; Globalization ; Slovenia ; Sustainable development
  • The global extension of environmental problems is, to a high degree, a consequence of a highly entropic model of the world economy which is making income also on account of excessive pressure on environment. A model of sustainable development
  • Directives soutenables du développement spatial futur de Ljubljana
  • Développement durable ; Développement régional ; Ecologie urbaine ; Géographie urbaine ; Ljubljana ; Protection de l'environnement ; Slovénie
  • Environmental conservation ; Regional development ; Slovenia ; Sustainable development ; Urban ecology ; Urban geography
  • Environmental protection in the Ljubljana city municipality is one of three basic (beside economic and social), but unequally treated spheres of sustainable urban development. Compared to other European cities of similar size, Ljubljana
  • is not supposed to be among the most degraded urban areas. However, with some additions, the Spatial plan of the Ljubljana city municipality is a suitable expert scheme for more environmentally adjusted spatial development. Essential sustainable spatial challenges
  • Développement durable ; Environnement ; Ethique ; Protection de l'environnement ; Système de valeurs
  • Environment ; Environmental conservation ; Ethics ; Sustainable development ; Value system
  • Plan soutenable pour le développement régional de la Slovénie
  • Planification régionale et développement régional en théorie et en pratique
  • Développement durable ; Développement régional ; Planification ; Protection de l'environnement ; Slovénie
  • Environmental conservation ; Planning ; Regional development ; Slovenia ; Sustainable development