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  • Multistate analysis: tables of working life in Essays in multistate mathematical demography| special IIASA issue.
  • L'approche qu'adopte le démographe de la force de production inclut le calcul des tableaux démographiques portant sur la population active. Cet article évalue la méthode conventionnelle de construction de tels tableaux et propose une approche à
  • Multistate demographic accounts: measurement and estimation procedure in Essays in multistate mathematical demography| special IIASA issue.
  • Mathematics and measurement.
  • Demographic structure ; Ethnic minority ; Germans ; Hungary ; Minority ; Population census ; Spatial distribution ; Transdanubia
  • This paper deals with the historical development of areas dominated traditionally by the German ethnic minority in South Transdanubia (W-Hungary) over the last 120 yaers. Using official census statistics and applying different mathematical methods
  • Birth-rate has reduced to 14,3 / in 1980. The author applies the model of V. Borisov hypothetical minimum of birth-rate. Minimal birth-rate coefficients by age groups were derived with the help of a mathematical model of reproduction process
  • . The low birth-rate necessitate an active demographic policy, which is to have effect on reproductive performance. It should be carried out on two levels national and regional.
  • Demographic analysis ; Demographic change ; Demography ; Estimation ; Life expectancy ; Mathematics ; Mortality ; Population dynamics ; Regression analysis ; Reproduction rate ; Stable population ; Statistics
  • Demographic analysis ; Demographic situation ; Demography ; Estimation ; Fertility ; France ; Mathematics ; Statistics
  • Multiregional mathematical demography: themes and issues
  • Some mathematical models for permafrost
  • A review of fundamental new results in mathematical theory of geocryological problems obtained in the Institute of Mechanics in Moscow State University. The problems of temperature regime and phase state of permafrost, formation and evolution
  • of thermokarst are analyzed. In this paper the mathematical models of these problems, computer programs for the models and some numerical calculations for concrete objects and districts are suggested.
  • The study of complexity-some ideas from mathematical modelling in Climatological extremes in the mountains, Physical background, geomorphological and ecological consequences.
  • One of the simple lessons from mathematical modelling is that complex behaviour need not have a complex cause. The A. tries to demonstrate this point by elaborating on some of these novel mathematical ideas, described under the headings catastrophes
  • Spatial mathematical modeling and regional science
  • Expansion method ; Mathematics ; Modelling ; Regional science ; Spatial analysis
  • Concept ; Demographic transition ; Demographic-economic model ; Demography ; Economic growth ; Family ; Fertility ; Mathematics ; Mortality ; Natural increase ; Population dynamics ; Population growth ; Professional mobility ; Statistics
  • Choice of mathematical models in geographic research considering alternatives.
  • This Ph. D. thesis is a first attempt to explore the gap between mathematics and geography. The human geographer or social scientist usually speaks a different language than the mathematician. Concepts such as entropy, diffusion and allometry play
  • Ein mathematisches Okosystemmodell für eutrophe Flachgewässer. (A mathematical ecosystem model of eutrophic shallow lakes)
  • In order to allow forecasting and control of water quality, a mathematical ecosystem model has been set up for shallow lakes of Berlin.
  • Physical principles of climate mathematical modelling
  • Atmospheric circulation ; Climate ; Climatic variability ; Forecast ; Global change ; Human impact ; Mathematical model ; Model
  • In this paper the nature, state and variability of the climate system are described briefly. Of particular importance in open systems such as components of the climatic system is feedback. Mathematical models provide a new way to not only understand
  • Introduction to multistate mathematical demography in Essays in multistate mathematical demography| special IIASA issue.
  • Demographic change ; Life expectancy ; Longitudinal analysis ; Modelling ; Mortality ; Regional disparities ; State ; Typology ; World
  • [b3] Dept. of Mathematics, Imperial College, London, Royaume-Uni
  • Cartographic technique ; Classification ; Demographic structure ; Demography ; Geographic information ; Mathematical model ; Migratory flow ; Optimization ; Population redistribution ; Russia ; Thematic mapping
  • A mathematical programming approach to elementary school facility decisions
  • Public sector projects in a mathematical modeling course