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  • Historical migration patterns in the eastern Rif mountains
  • Demographic change ; Emigration ; Morocco ; Mountain ; Overpopulation ; Rif ; Rural outmigration
  • Demographic evolution of one of Morocco's most densely populated regions, focusing on the role of emigration to nearby cities and to Algeria and Europe.―(DWG)
  • The optimum population problem in the CSSR from historical perspectives
  • Problems of over-and underpopulation, the demographic, social and economic situation and the population policy in the first Republic of Czechoslovakia. The optimum population after the world war two and the future evolution of the Czechoslovak
  • Geographical and historical aspects of the situation of Muslim population in the Balkans
  • Balkans ; Cultural studies ; Demographic behaviour ; Europe ; Minority ; Muslims ; Religious minority ; Social conflict ; Social status
  • of their different culture. The generally marginalised social and economic status of Muslims in the countries examined and their frequently deviating demographic behaviour compared to neighbouring ethnic groups are expected to widen the gap between them and majority
  • Demographic change ; Economic situation ; Greenland ; Settlement ; Spatial organization
  • The intent of the paper is to give an historical insight regarding the economic and demographic trends in Greenland. The origin and the evolution of the main settlements have been taken into accounts, including the long developing of the Ultima
  • Thule legend. Historical documents, topographical maps, statistical data, photographic evidence have been provided in order to detail the high latitude geographical environment dominated by the wide ranging Inlandsis ice cap. - (NF)
  • Geography as a conditioning factor of the demographic regimes in rural Navarre (Spain), 1786-1960
  • Countryside ; Demographic behaviour ; Demography ; Family ; Historical demography ; Marriage rate ; Navarra ; Spain
  • Description and socio-demographic classification of the urban network in Hargita county (Rumania) in a historical perspective. - (JS)
  • Biogeography ; Cultivated plants ; Disease ; Ecology ; Fauna ; Historical geography ; Vegetation
  • and The demographic effect of American crops in Europe. - (DWG)
  • The historical demography of colonial Central America
  • Central America ; Colonization ; Demographic structure ; Demography ; Guatemala ; Historical demography ; Population density ; Population distribution ; Settlement history
  • Demographic change ; Europe ; Population ; Statistics ; Years 1990-99
  • The article attempts to disclose the new trends developing as regards the vital statistics of Europe's population. The first part presents the demographic dynamics for selected European countries in their historical context. The contemporary issues
  • Aborigines ; Demographic change ; Depopulation ; Dominica ; Epidemiology ; Food ; Historical geography ; Modern period ; Settlement ; Seventeenth Century ; Sixteenth Century ; West Indies
  • Demographic studies of early contact time in the lesser Antilles almost are nonexistent. AA. present a method for estimating the contact population based on cassava production and a contact figure (13,000 to 17,000). The French missionary, Raymond
  • Balkans ; Croatia ; Demographic change ; Demography ; Ethnic community ; Ethnic composition ; Europe ; Historical geography ; Hungary ; Population ; Population geography
  • The article describes the geographical and historical background of the extremely complex ethnic composition of South Baranya (Croatia), from the time of the first human habitation till the destruction of the Yugoslavian state and the subsequent war
  • Concept ; Demographic transition ; Development ; Economic indicators ; Multivariate analysis ; Social indicators ; Theory ; Underdevelopment ; World
  • Development paths for 150 nations are measured for the period 1965-87 by using a methodology that can be described as historical factorial eclogy. The measurement of development paths involves analytically combining the social, historical
  • Generation, ethnicity, and marriage : historical patterns in the Northern United States
  • Demographic behaviour ; Demography ; Ethnicity ; Immigration ; Marriage ; Marriage rate ; United States
  • The elderly who live alone in the United States: historical perspectives on household change
  • Demographic change ; Elderly people ; Family structure ; Isolation ; Probability ; Social change ; United States of America ; Way of life
  • Population concentration in United States city-systems from 1790 to 2000 : historical trends and current phases
  • Demographic change ; Index ; Population concentration ; United States of America ; Urban growth ; Urban population ; Urban region ; Urban system
  • Urban population loss in historical perspective : United States, 1820-2000
  • Demographic change ; Demographic decline ; Nineteenth Century ; Twentieth Century ; United States of America ; Urban population ; Urban system ; Urbanization
  • Historical demography and demographic history in Africa: theoretical and methodological considerations
  • Conquest, pestilence and demographic collapse in the early Spanish Philippines
  • Aborigines ; Colonization ; Demographic decline ; Disease ; Epidemic ; Historical geography ; Philippines ; Settlement ; Sixteenth Century ; Spanish people
  • This paper deals with the digital facsimile publication of the Atlas of Central Europe, issued in 1993. The primary objective of the Atlas of Carpathian Region was to present the geographical conditions, demographic pattern and economic life
  • of the Carpathian Basin and its surroundings, and of the historical development, administrative and political changes within its boundaries. - (JS)
  • In this paper author examines the urban structure and morphology of Helsinki, the capital of Finnland. Beside the historical development of the city recent changes in the demographic and economic conditions are also discussed. - (ZK)