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  • Some demographic indicators for Khartoum conurbation, Sudan
  • Gabon : a demographic anomaly
  • The socio-economic consequences of demographic trends in Nigeria
  • Population trends and demographic factors in Africa with particular reference to unemployment
  • The demographic transition in the Middle East and North Africa
  • A demographic analysis of East Africa. A sociological interpretation.
  • Three chapters : 1. Contemporary theories on the economic and population growth against the background of the Third World problems| 2. Economic and demographic growth of the Third World and its specifics in Equatorial Africa| 3. Problems
  • of the family in contemporary E.A. on the basis of the author's surveys. Discussion of the concepts of the economic and demographic growth in the Third World relevant to population policy. Possible application in the UN program for E.A. elaborated techniques
  • Historical demography and demographic history in Africa: theoretical and methodological considerations
  • A statistical and cartographic inspection of the demographic, socio-economic and urbanization features reveal an unbalanced spatial and ethnic pattern which might influence the location of cancer treatment facilities in South Africa.
  • A demographic comparison of five villages near Kano City with villages in other close settled areas of Hausaland. The main difference is in the number of wives, which suggests that the inner ring villages are wealthier than elsewhere. (EMS).
  • that although scarcely populated, Angola needs birth-control measures and balancing of regional disparities. The first priority is the deconcentration of Luanda. The demographic model reveals close dependence on the economic progress of the country. - (MB)
  • The relationship between demographic change, land use and land availability has been a major focus of studies of African agricultural systems. This investigation in the Mandara Mountains of Northern Cameroon examines responses to population growth
  • incomplètes (concernant la population inscrite sur les registres) et comportent parfois des indications erronées, les méthodes d'évaluation élaborées par les démographes jouent un rôle important : elles permettent d'extraire de ces statistiques l'image la
  • the colonial Government imposed Dakar as a new instrument. These conditions outlived the Independence of the nation. Despite its economic downfall, Rufisque is a town with a high demographic growth rate, which results in a double problem: the remodelling