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  • Customs zones (normative structure)
  • The legal regime of effecting economic operations in customs zones, economic activities in customs zones, establishing customs zones, the socio-economic justification of business in customs zones, customs procedure and customs control measures
  • in the customs zones.
  • Managing the development of a customer marketing data-base
  • Indigenous payment for environmental service (PES) opportunities in the Northern Territory : negotiating with customs
  • Custom and habit(us) : the meaning of traditions and legends in early medieval western Britain
  • Cornwall ; Custom ; Historical geography ; Middle Age ; Religious practice ; Social change ; State ; Tenth Century ; Territorial identity ; Tradition ; United Kingdom ; Wales
  • Local customers - global buyers : der deutsche Schuhfachhandel zwischen den Fronten
  • Local customers - global buyers : la filière de la chaussure allemande entre deux fronts
  • Custom and contradiction : rural water governance and the politics of Usos y Costumbres in Bolivia's irrigators' movement
  • Association ; Bolivia ; Conflict ; Custom ; Irrigation ; Living conditions ; Management ; Peasant movement ; Water ; Water use
  • The paper formulates a theoretical framework in which the analysis starts with supplier-customer links of micro type. The AA. derive aggregate trade links between nodes in a spatial network. It is shown how affinities and barriers shape
  • and influence the establishment of customer links, and how this forms aggregate patterns of flows. This framework is applied to three types of models for determining trade patterns.
  • Archaeology ; Cultural landscape ; Cultural studies ; Custom ; Historical geography ; Japan ; Value system ; View of the world
  • some Japanese customs, and play a role in determining some important aspects of land use in modern Japan.
  • The neglected king : the customer in the new knowledge ecology of innovation
  • Two modifications of this model, accounting for the long lines effect are proposed. The first modification deals with the instant reaction of customers at long queues and incorporates the statistical dependence of their behaviour. In the second
  • model customer behaviour is determined by past data, which make their behaviour statistically independent. The concept of self-consistent distribution is introduced, its existence is investigated, and properties of self-consistent distributions
  • The impact of a customs union with the European Union on internal migration in Turkey
  • Custom ; Hotel facilities ; International tourism ; Thailand ; Tourism ; Touristic planning ; Transport
  • Custom ; Economic impact ; Island ; Thailand ; Tourism
  • The rise of tourism is one of the effects of modernization in this Islamic state. Once focused on cities, tourism is spreading into rural sectors. Muslim customs, such as the desire for family privacy, are accommodated in these developments.―(DWG)
  • China ; Custom ; Economic impact ; Tourism ; Tourist site ; Xinjiang
  • Brittany ; Customers ; France ; Tourism
  • Accessibility ; Customers ; Environment ; Impact ; Mountain ; Outdoor recreation ; Tourism
  • Cuba ; Custom ; Economic impact ; Tourism ; Tourism policy
  • Behaviour ; China ; Clothing ; Cultural studies ; Custom ; Diffusion ; Regional disparities
  • Customers ; France ; Nord-Pas-de-Calais ; Tourism