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  • A current bibliography of the Savanna States of Nigeria
  • A simple model for current speed in tidal channels
  • Coastal environment ; Denmark ; Hydrodynamics ; Model ; Sea level ; Storm ; Tidal creek ; Tidal current ; Wind
  • This paper presents a simple non-distributed, PC-based model describing current speed in a tidal channel based on the continuity equation with tide gauge water level as the only time dependent input parameter. This model is tested in a tidal channel
  • in the Danish Wadden Sea. This type of model can be used to extend and/or complete time series of current speed in a particular tidal channel and to make quick estimates of the current speed, with a minimum of information and CPU consumption.
  • China's current housing issues and policies in Shelter policy and planning in developing countries.
  • Instabilities of zonal equatorial currents
  • Current theses on Latin America development and dependency, a critique
  • Energetics of the Florida Current
  • Current research in rural geography
  • Direct measurements of secondary currents at a river inflexion point
  • Soil degradation in Sardinia. Historical causes and current processes due to anthropogenic pressure.
  • A current bibliography of the savanna states of Nigeria
  • Unemployment trends in current recession
  • External relations and current development patterns in Cuba
  • Agulhas Current meanders : review and case study
  • Coastal environment ; Indian Ocean ; METEOSAT ; Marine hydrology ; Meander ; NOAA ; Ocean atmosphere interaction ; Remote sensing ; Sea current ; South Africa
  • The role played by large solitary meanders on the flow of the Agulhas Current is reviewed and a tentative classification of meander types is proposed. - (AJC)
  • Using winds and ocean currents in teaching human movement
  • Ideas of presenting the meaning of winds and currents to secondary school students. - (DWG)
  • Resuspension, sediment fluxes, and suspended sediment diffusion coefficients under wave and current forcing in two coastal environments
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Coastal dynamics ; Coastal environment ; Coastal sedimentation ; Denmark ; Grain size distribution ; North Sea ; Sea current ; Sedimentology ; Turbulence ; Wave ; Wind speed
  • This study presents results on sedimentation fluxes obtained during deployments of a tripod equipped with sediment traps and instruments for measuring wave and current parameters in each of two environments (Løgstør Broad and Amstrup Bay), dominated
  • respectively by surface waves and by currents.
  • Acoustic Doppler current profiler measurments in coastal and estuarine environments : examples from the Tay Estuary, Scotland
  • Coastal environment ; Current ; Estuary ; Geophysics ; Model ; Scotland ; Suspended load ; United Kingdom ; Water circulation
  • Acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs) provide a means to measure the components of water current velocities in three dimensions. Using examples of ADCP datasets acquired from the macrotidal Tay Estuary, eastern Scotland, the principles of field
  • deployment, data acquisition and forms of output are critically summarised. It is shown for the first time in the Tay Estuary, that vertical current velocities are significant and are particularly so in downwelling zones associated with the development
  • Vybrané charakteristiky prudenia vzduchu na Slovensku Selected characteristics of the air current in Slovakia
  • Major characteristics of the air current in 51 Slovak localities. Average velocity and frequency of the wind as well as average frequency of the wind at graduated velocity are worked up. A survey of spatial distribution of the wind velocity
  • Frontal festures of the Agulhas Current in the Natal Bight
  • Features of the inshore front of the Agulhas Current between Durban and Richards Bay are investigated by means of historic airborne radiation thermometer data and recent satellite imagery. Small and large frontal eddies are identified
  • Current trends of coastal research in the Netherlands
  • Recent Dutch coastal research has also emphasized several other areas of study, including the geologic history of the coastal belt, coastal ecology, and coastal processes. In the latter area, the complex interaction between tidal currents, waves
  • Late Quaternary temperature variability in the Benguela Current System derived from Alkenones
  • Continental slope ; Holocene ; Marine quaternary ; Marine sediment ; Namibia ; Ocean circulation ; Sea current ; Surface temperature ; Upwelling
  • variations of surface circulation, coastal upwelling, and paleoproductivity in the northern Benguela Current System for the last 150,000 yr.