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  • Importance of sky conditions on the record 2004 Midwestern crop yields
  • Agroclimatology ; Atmospheric circulation ; Cereal ; Cloud cover ; Crop ; Crop yield ; Illinois ; Midwest ; United States of America
  • Weather during the 2004 growing season in the Midwest produced exceptionally high yields of all crops with resulting record yields that were 10% to 25% above prior records, an exceptional increase. The inability to assess the magnitude of the 2004
  • crop yields resulted from a lack of information regarding the presence and effect of the numerous days with sunny skies in 2004. These results suggest that in the future, sky conditions measured during the growing season need to be incorporated
  • in assessments of potential final crop yields.
  • Selected legume cover crops for hillside environments in Bolivia
  • Agroclimatology ; Bolivia ; Climate ; Crop ; High mountain ; Simulation ; Vegetables
  • Soil fertility in the mid-elevation hillsides of the Cochabamba region of Bolivia has been declining as natural fallow times have been reduced in order to bring more land into crop production. A photothermal model is used to simulate climate
  • conditions for 12 legume cover crops in three hillside locations. Tropical legume crops are found to be suitable at different elevations, from 2,500 m to 3,500 m. - (SLD)
  • Credit and share-cropping in agrarian societies
  • Economies of size in US field crop farming
  • Irrigation agriculture in the Southwest United States: regional variation of crop pattern
  • Impact of irrigation expension on multiple cropping in India
  • Poppy growing in northern Pakistan: socio-economic features and implications for crop diversification
  • Carrying capacity and potential crop productivity-basic concepts in cultural geography?
  • The magnitude and significance of soil structural stability declines under cereal cropping
  • Conservation of food crop genetic resources in Latin America
  • Agricultural practice ; Crop ; Farming system ; Farming;Agriculture ; Food crop ; Latin America ; Mixed farming
  • A note on crop distribution and micro-environmental conditions in Holshal and Ghoshushal villages Pakistan
  • Crop fields in this zone are irrigated with meltwater coming from the Central Karakoram range. The results suggest that farmers have learned to maximize their outputs by matching certain crops with specific conditions of soil nutrients, slope
  • Spatio-temporal changes of crops in Ganga-Yamuna Doab (1911-1960)
  • The main focus of the article is firstly to delineate the rank-wise crop regions and secondly to study the spatio-temporal behaviour of leading crops in the region of Ganga-Yamuna Doab (1911-1961) under review. - (PLK)
  • Evaluation of the climate for land suitability purposes. II. Evaluation for annual crops in a humid tropical environment
  • A method is presented to evaluate the climate for annual crops grown in a humid tropical environment, based on the variability concept, which was introduced earlier. An example is given, as well as some relationships between recorded yield data
  • and the climatic code advocated, for different crops. The method is entirely compatible with currently used land evaluation systems.
  • Glastuinbouwcomplex en centrumfunktie. Glastuinbouw in de strijd tegen verstedelijking. (Complexes of crops under glass and centre function. Crops under glass against urbanisation)
  • Regionalization based on agro-climatic data and crop yield in Jilin province, China.
  • for various crops are suggested for consideration in planning the layout of crops in five régions.-(TNC)
  • Gender differentials in resources ownership and crop productivity of smallholder farmers in Africa : a case study.
  • Agricultural productivity ; Agriculture ; Botswana ; Crop ; Gender difference ; Rural population
  • The case study uses farm management survey data on smallholder farmers from eight villages in Botswana. The findings show that there are no significant differences in crop productivity between male farmers and their female counterparts, neither
  • Modelling soil water supply to crops
  • The supply of water by the soil to meet the transpirational demand of crops, has been modelled on the assumption that water supply is directly related to soil water potential. Results of field testing and discussion.
  • Migrant labour market and crop production opportunities in Lesotho
  • This article attempts to present a micro-view of the migration phenomenon and its consequences for crop production intensification in Lesotho. An indegenous description of farmhouseholds will be given of classified households of the lowlands
  • The cash crop revolution in tropical Africa: an agricultural reappraisal
  • In this general article there are many references to West Africa, and much material that is relevant to its agricultural development. Cash-crop production can be a disruptive influence. (EMS).
  • Farmers'participation in the marketing of food crops in two rural Hausa areas
  • A study of the organizational changes brought about in Northern Kaduna in northern Nigeria as a result of commercial exchange of food crops. Farmers participate in distribution and determination of price, and benefit materially thereby. (EMS).