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  • Crisis o restructuracion? Comentario sobre la evolucion reciente de la agricultura chilena
  • The coming crisis of US transportation
  • The targeted crisis: on the ideology of the urban fiscal crisis and its uses
  • Crisis response planning
  • Chile: the secular food crisis
  • State capitalism and the urban fiscal crisis in the United States
  • Macroeconomics in crisis: agriculture in an underachieving economy
  • The economic crisis in Brazil
  • Environmental degradation and productive transformation in Mexico : the contradictions of crisis management
  • Algunas consideraciones sobre la crisis, el cambio economico y la politicas de ordenacion territorial
  • La crisis de 1929 en el Uruguay: las inversiones extrangeras
  • The Panama Canal and the Central American crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean: geopolitics, development and culture.
  • The geography of the American gasoline crisis
  • The Brazilian economic crisis and its impact on the lives of women in Gender and political geography.
  • Caracterizacion de un area rural en crisis proxima a Montevideo in Trabajos presentados. 2. Reforma agraria y problemas campesinos.
  • Mexico's fiscal crisis
  • Housing famine and homelessness : how the low-income housing crisis affects families with inadequate supports
  • The geography of US union elections 1 : the crisis of US unions and a critical review of the litterature
  • The once and present urban crisis in US urban policy.
  • Drought, demography, and destitution: crisis in the Norte Chico in Natural hazards management in South America.