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  • The Urban criminal, a study in Sheffield
  • Criminele geografie : inleiding en case study Criminal geography : introduction and case study
  • Criminal geography is in the first stage of development in western Europe. The geographical approach and methodology towards crime is reviewed. The difficulties are discussed. The second part is a case study on the city of Ghent, where five
  • categories of criminal events are analysed using an areal approach.
  • Serial criminal or copycat? : a distance and time map exercise
  • Cartography ; Criminality ; Pedagogy ; Teaching of geography ; Time-distance ; United States
  • Criminality and basic characteristics of penal policy, 1975-1985
  • Adult criminality (political, economic...), penal policy| juvenile delinquency (against property, against life and limb, against the dignity of the person and morality), penal policy.
  • Modeling the criminal's location choices in urban areas
  • Criminality ; Modelling ; Optimization ; Social geography ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial choice ; Urban area
  • Sviluppo turistico e criminalita Tourist development and criminality
  • reference to socio-cultural aspects (impact of so-called recreation criminality). The conclusions are about prevention and demarketing politics. - (AGD)
  • Criminality ; Law of the sea ; Laws ; Pedagogy ; Teaching of geography ; United States
  • Outline for a university-level course in law and geography that draws examples from water and criminal justice law. - (DWG)
  • If we don't push homeless people out, we will end up being pushed out by them” : the criminalization of homelessness as state strategy in Hungary
  • Criminality ; Discrimination ; Ethnic minority ; Homeless ; Hungary ; Legislation ; Political geography ; Poverty ; Public space ; Social geography
  • penalization in the larger context of an emerging criminal paradigm. After analyzing the recent authoritarian turn, he argues that the radical intensifi-cation of criminalization is a strategy not only to secure political dominance, but also to obscure
  • Criminality ; Gauteng ; Location ; Pretoria ; South Africa ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial differentiation ; Urban area ; Violence
  • The spatial origin and development of criminal offenders in Tshwane indicate that location is an important risk factor for criminal offending. Different patterns emerge for the location of economic, violence and sexual offenders, but particular
  • The impact of criminal violence on regime legitimacy in Latin America
  • Criminality ; Latin America ; Political geography ; Violence
  • Constructions of criminality: police-community relations in Toronto
  • Attitude ; Canada ; Criminality ; Ethnic minority ; Ontario ; Police ; Public order ; Racism ; Security ; Societal relations ; Toronto ; Urban society
  • Geographies of criminal victimization in Canada
  • Canada ; Criminality ; Location ; Risk ; Social geography ; Spatial distribution ; Vulnerability
  • Criminality ; Discourse ; Economic geography ; Globalization ; Network ; Sovereignty ; Underground economy
  • There is a growing interest among geographers in the illicit. Within this there has been little interest in organized criminality. The A. argues that the development of a geographical perspective on organized crime is timely and seeks to map out
  • Rights, the environment and part V of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994
  • L'A. analyse l'impact au cours des années 1995 et 1996 de la 5ème partie de la Loi britannique sur la Justice Criminelle et l'Ordre Public (Criminal Justice and Public Order Act) votée en janvier 1994 afin de renforcer certains droits à la propriété
  • Changing a decision taken under uncertainty : the case of the criminal's location choice
  • Criminality ; Decision ; Model ; Spatial choice ; Uncertainty ; Urban area ; Utility fonction
  • Air temperature ; Brazil ; Climate ; Correlation ; Criminality ; Seasonal variability ; Urban area
  • Air temperature is related to certain deseases as well as to certain types of human behaviour, and can be correlated with criminality rates - not explain them. The observation of seasonal and daily variability of the air temperature in Brazil has
  • shown that the hottest events are accompanied, in general, by higher criminality rates. - (BJ)
  • Aggregation in data tables: implications for evaluating criminal justice statistics
  • Andes ; Criminality ; Drug ; Economy ; Geopolitics ; Political geography ; Society ; South America ; Traffic
  • Citizenship ; Criminality ; Police ; Public order ; Security ; Social space ; Town ; Urban society
  • Criminal offences of over-all economic crime (reported perpetrators, sentenced persons, penalty policy). Economic crime within social legal entities : crimes against economy, public property, official responsibility (1977-1986).