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  • The Countryside commission: its first decade in Countryside planning yearbook. Volume One, 1980.
  • Socialist development and rural inequality: the Chinese countryside in the 1970s
  • The population of the Polish countryside : demography and living conditions
  • Agriculture ; Countryside ; Housing ; Migration ; Poland ; Rural population
  • Toward a sustainable English Countryside
  • Countryside ; Economic restructuring ; England ; Environment ; Environmental conservation ; Location ; Participation ; Sustainable development ; United Kingdom
  • The supply of public access to the countryside - a value for money and institutional analysis of incentive policies
  • Accessibility ; Attendance ; Countryside ; Economic cost ; Leisure ; Nature conservation ; Rural planning ; United Kingdom
  • A number of incentive schemes have been established which pay farmers and landowners for the provision of additional public access to the countryside. These schemes are subjected to a value for money appraisal as a means of assessing the public
  • Persistent features of the Russian countryside : communal attachment and reform
  • Agrarian reform ; Agricultural economics ; Arable land ; Countryside ; Former USSR ; Peasantry ; Population pressure ; Regional disparities ; Rural community ; Russia
  • The Russian agrarian scene at the turn of the century is analyzed. Agrarian overpopulation, peasant communes, and the Stolypin reform are specifically examined with the intent of displaying features of the Russian countryside that have persisted
  • Countryside recreational access in the United States: a statistical comparison of rural districts
  • Accessibility ; Countryside ; Index ; Landed estate ; Leisure ; Road ; Rural tourism ; Topography ; United States of America
  • The concept of physical rigor is used to map and measure recreational routes and zones available to the public. The comparison is made for 20 representative countryside districts in five regional settings. Five are national parks, while the rest
  • Planning the rural sub-regions: a personal view in Countryside planning yearbook. Volume One, 1980.
  • National Park plans in Countryside planning yearbook. Volume One, 1980.
  • The countryside tomorrow
  • Conservation at the crossroads: the countryside
  • Changing countrysides, changing villages : second homes in Rhodes, South Africa
  • The paper concludes that coinciding with the post-productivist changes in the Rhodes countryside, second home ownership has contributed to employment creation and has had a varied tourism and regional impact which has added much needed support
  • Hell on earth and paradise all at the same time : the production of smallholding space in the British countryside
  • Countryside ; Cultural geography ; Enquiry ; Farm ; Farming system ; Rural change ; Rurality ; Social change ; United Kingdom
  • Conceptualizing countryside change : from post-Fordism to rural structured coherence
  • Countryside ; Economic restructuring ; Great Britain ; Rural life ; Social change ; Theory ; United Kingdom
  • Sources of urban concentration in the Nigerian countryside
  • Countryside ; Migration ; Natural resources ; Nigeria ; Urban growth ; Urban population
  • A glimpse of change in Albania's post-communist countryside
  • Agriculture ; Albania ; Countryside ; Crop ; Dairy industry ; Land ; Landed estate ; Peasantry ; Socialism ; Village
  • Energizing rural space : the representation of countryside culture as an economic development strategy
  • The significance of rural has shifted from a production orientation to a consumption role. The central concern of rurality is now the construction and representation of appealing countryside identities. Cultural and historical resources
  • Countryside ; House building ; Impact ; Poland ; Urbanization
  • countryside. When analysing them, it was thought appropriate to have a look at the conditions and ways of building in the historical period. A study was also made of the effect that the geographical location had on rural architecture. The analysis carried out
  • during the research focused largely on the transformation of residential construction in the Polish countryside. - (BJ)
  • Housing conflicts in the Irish countryside: uses and abuses of postcolonial narratives
  • Conflict ; Countryside ; Cultural landscape ; Discourse ; Ireland ; Irish Rural Dwellers Association (IRDA) ; National identity ; Post-colonialism ; Private property ; Rural settlement ; Rurality ; contested landscapes ; postcolonial ; rural housing
  • -faire approach to accommodating new housing development in the open countryside. For the IRDA, postcolonial narratives and national(ist) identities provide an important vocabulary for protest and opposition to state regulation. The A. questions
  • Respect the life of the countryside : the Country Code, government and the conduct of visitors to the countryside in post-war England and Wales