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  • Quaternary glaciations in Corsica in Quaternary glaciations in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Corsica, isola-tabù : un futuro di nazione
  • Autonomy ; Corsica ; Cultural identity ; Cultural studies ; France ; Island ; Political geography
  • The natural history of the Macinaggio Islets (Northeastern Corsica) with particular reference to the herpetofauna
  • Functional regionalism and alternative regional development programmes in Corsica
  • La glaciazione quaternaria in Corsica. Dati acquisiti e problemi aperti
  • L'immagine della Corsica nella cartografia
  • Cartography ; Corsica ; France ; Historical mapping ; History of cartography ; Map ; Spatial representation
  • Corsica nascosta
  • Corsica ; France ; Garrigue ; Journey ; Landscape ; Maquis ; Natural environment ; Nature park ; Route ; Taffoni ; Tourism
  • Aree marine protette nel Mediterraneo. Il caso della Corsica
  • Corsica ; Environment ; Environmental management ; Fishing ; France ; Marine ecosystem ; Mediterranean Sea ; Nature reserve ; Sea
  • L'impegno missionario e l'azione sociale dei preti della missione in Corsica
  • Corsica ; France ; Historical geography ; Religion ; Seventeenth Century
  • Corrélations entre dépôts quaternaires glaciaires, fluviatiles et marins en Corse (Méditerranée occidentale) in Glaciations quaternaires dans l'Hémisphère Nord. (Relationships between glacial, fluvial and marine Quaternary deposits in Corsica
  • The stratigraphy of Quaternary glacial and fluvial sediments in Corsica is summarized. New results concerning relationships between marine and fluvial deposits are exposed : downvalley, fluvial sedimentation occurred both when the sea-level was high
  • Testimonianza della presenza italiana in Corsica
  • Corsica ; Cultural patrimony ; Cultural studies ; France ; Historical geography ; Italians ; Language ; Territorial identity
  • The breeding biology and demography of Blue tit (Parus caerulens) and coal tit (Parus ater) populations of southern France and Corsica were compared from 1976 to 1980. The following differences were found: 1. the onset of the breeding season
  • is delayed in Corsica| 2. the clutch-size is smaller on the island| 3. the mortality of the nestlings is also much higher in Corsica| 4. however, the survival rate of adult tits is higher in Corsica than on the mainland| 5. contrary to what is the rule
  • Transverse lineation and large-scale structures related to alpine obduction in Corsica in Tectonics. A selection of papers.
  • Geologia della regione tra Bastia e St-Florent (Corsica settentrionale). Con carta geologica alla scala 1:25.000
  • Corsica ; France ; Geological map ; Geological structure ; Regional geology ; Tectonics
  • Corrélations entre la sédimentation fluviatile et la sédimentation marine littorale en Corse. in Colloque AFEQ, Paris 1983. (Relationship between the fluvial sedimentation and the coastal marine sedimentation in Corsica (Western Mediterranean)
  • On the western coast of Corsica, some sections are described, showing fluvial deposits passing laterally to marine sands and pebbles. In other places, fluvial sediments seem to be simultaneous with a marine regression. The coasts with fluvial
  • The bird faunas of two vegetation gradients ranging from open grassland to high forest were compared in southern France and Corsica. On the whole, species richness is lower (ca 30 %) in Corsica than on the mainland. However, a low bird species
  • habitats. The differences are attributable to a broader habitat use by forest birds which formerly colonized Corsica (i.e. an increased niche breadth).
  • Toponomastica storica. Le coste della Corsica nei secoli XVI e XVII
  • Coastal environment ; Corsica ; France ; Historical geography ; Historical mapping ; Modern period ; Place names ; Seventeenth Century ; Sixteenth Century
  • Study of the Calvi Bay. Erosion in Corsica, France in Coastal and maritime hydraulics.
  • Il bosco come manufatto : il caso della Corsica. Le bois comme produit ouvré : le cas de la Corse
  • Settlement and conflict in Corsica