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  • This paper reports results from the analysis of the soil hydrological response to simulated rainfalls in a cork oak forest in Los Alcornocales Natural Park (SW Spain). Marked differences in the hydrological behavior of the studied vegetation types
  • (cork oak forest, heathland, grassland, and forest of mixed cork oak and olive tree) were observed after the rainfall simulations. The mosaic of different patterns of hydrological response to rainfall, such as runoff generation or infiltration
  • Agricultural economics ; Agricultural production ; Cork oak ; Mediterranean States ; Stand treatment
  • Acidophilous oak forests in South Sweden
  • Climate reconstruction ; Continentality ; Cork oak ; Dendroclimatology ; Dendrology ; Forest ; Precipitation ; Temperature ; Tunisia ; Vegetation dynamics
  • Cork oak ; Environmental degradation ; Forest ; Forest stand ; Human impact ; Mediterranean area ; Tunisia
  • Aquitaine ; Cork oak ; Forest ; France ; Handicrafts ; Landscape ; Lot-et-Garonne
  • Cork oak ; Ecological inventory ; Factor analysis ; Forest ; Morocco ; Multivariate analysis ; Vegetation degradation
  • Cork oak ; Forest ; Grassland ; Holocene ; Human occupation ; Impact ; Palaeo-environment ; Palynology ; Peat bog ; Tunisia
  • Effects of disturbance frequency on canopy age structure and species composition in a managed Midwestern oak savanna
  • Biogeography ; Dendrochronology ; Fire ; Forestry ; Oak ; Rehabilitation ; Savanna ; United States of America ; Vegetation dynamics ; Wisconsin
  • In this study, the A. focused on documenting the size and age distribution of oaks, and the density and diversity of all tree species. The questions addressed were : what is the relationship between age and size patterns of oak regeneration under
  • different management regimes ? Do these management regimes help to maintain oak dominance and diversity of associated species ?
  • Climatic variation ; Coniferous ; Cork oak ; Forest ; Oak woodland ; Palaeo-environment ; Palynology ; Pastoral ; Quaternary ; Tunisia ; Vegetation degradation ; Vegetation dynamics
  • cover, water repellency was highest at sites covered by holm oak litter. At soil surfaces covered by cork oak litter, dry grass and mosses the degree of repellency was lower. Almost all sites with a bare soil surface were hydrophilic. A significant
  • Subboreal « black oaks » identified from the Vistula alluvia at Grabie near Cracow-South Poland)
  • Cracow ; Dendrochronology ; Dendrology ; Fluvial deposit ; Fluvial processes ; Oak ; Poland ; Sedimentology ; Valley ; Wisła
  • Detail geological and dendrochronological study of the Grabie gravel pit is presented. This site illustrates the existence of age differences between the alluvia (19 c.) and the inserted black oaks with dates cf c. 3 000 BP. The fall of tree trunks
  • may be related to the phase of increased activity of the Vistula 3 200- 3 000 BP. The black oaks (Quercus velutina) from Grabie have an evidence of mechanical damage connected with the ice-jam floods. - (DG)
  • , and forestlands including low and high forests (Chinese cork-oak coppices and pine plantations, respectively). The change in the runoff among the vegetation covers and slope gradients was high but not as significantly pronounced as for the change in the soil loss
  • Cork oak ; Decision making process ; Forest ; France ; Languedoc-Roussillon ; Patrimony ; Pyrénées-Orientales ; Rural deprivation
  • Aeolian deflation ; Cork oak ; Cultivated land ; Deforestation ; Desertification ; Drought ; Forest ; Gully erosion ; Human impact ; Morocco ; Plant canopy ; Precipitation ; Rill wash ; Soil erosion ; Water erosion ; Wind
  • Wind deposition of mud aggregates and their role in development of lamellae in the Fair Oaks Dunes, Indiana
  • Three parabolic dunes from the Fair Oaks Dune field in northern Indiana were excavated, in order to study the properties and genesis of lamellae. In this paper, the AA. demonstrate petrogenic (depositional) origin of these lamellae.
  • Evolution of disturbed oak woodlands : the case of Mexico City's western forest reserve
  • Climax ; Deforestation ; Environmental degradation ; Forest ; Geo-ecology ; Geosystem ; Human impact ; Mexico ; Mexico City ; Oak ; Urban development
  • Glacilacustrine environment of part of the oak ridges moraine, Southern Ontario
  • Etude d'une carotte de sédiments glaciolacustres provenant de la Moraine d'Oak Ridges, près de Vandorf, sud de l'Ontario, afin de reconstituer le milieu à l'époque de sa mise en place.
  • Black oaks and Subatlantic alluvia of the Vistula in the Branice-Stryjów near Cracow
  • Alluvium ; Dendrochronology ; Dendrology ; Fluvial deposit ; Fluvial processes ; Oak ; Paleogeomorphology ; Poland ; Sedimentology ; Stratigraphy ; Valley ; Wisła
  • . There are the floating chronologies of black oaks (Quercus velutina) : 2 200-1 830, 1 230-1 030, 930-670 BP and the stumps hewn by man. Deposition of the fallen trees may be related to the phases of the increased activity of the Vistula. - (DG)