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  • Thermoluminescence dating of a deep-sea sediment core
  • The 20-yr cycle in Greenland ice core records
  • An inexpensive, lightweight percussion core sampling system
  • Palaeomagnetism and the core-mantle interface in The Earth: its origin, structure and evolution.
  • Zur tektonischen Bearbeitung von Bohrkernen. (Tectonical treatment of drill cores)
  • Methodological references are given concerning the collection, documentation and evaluation of structural tectonic elements of cores. This is followed by the discussion of the most important results of investigation which are not only of regional
  • Lake sediment cores from the Antarctic peninsula and surrounding islands
  • Sediment cores from two lakes on the Antarctic Peninsula, Hidden Lake on James Ross Island and Lake Boeckella in Hope Bay, are described, analysed and dated with regard to climatic changes during the Holocene.
  • Some observations on boulder-cored frost boils
  • Actuel ; Boulder-cored frost boil ; Boverbreen, glacier ; Butte à blocaux ; Cryopédologie ; Cryoturbation ; Gphy ; Granulométrie ; Géographie physique ; Géomorphodynamique ; Jotunheimen, mont ; Microrelief ; Moraine ; Norvège ; Périglaciaire
  • This article contains results from the analysis of a core of 25 m length, drilled in the distal part of the sandur. The stratigraphy of the core is described in general terms with information on bedding, grain size distributions, etc. The content
  • of diatoms has been analysed, showing that the sediments of the lower part of the core were deposited in a marine environment. The petrographic composition of the core sediments has also been investigated. The sediments are rich in volcanic glass, the origin
  • Simple glaciological conditions at Dome C in East Antarctica have made possible a more detailed and accurate interpretation of an ice core to 950 m depth spanning some 32,000 yr than that obtained from earlier ice cores. Dated events in comparable
  • marine core has enabled the reduction of accumulation rate during the last ice age to be estimated. Climatic events recorded in the ice core indicate that the warmest Holocene period in the Southern Hemisphere occurred at an earlier date than
  • Natural cairns on rock glaciers as an indication of a solid ice core
  • Blake polarity episode in two cores from the Greater Antilles Outer Ridge
  • Climatic change at the end of the last glaciation in Japan inferred from pollen in three cores from the Northwest Pacific Ocean
  • The AA. examine paleoclimatic evidence from northeast Asia. The primary data are pollen time-series from three high sedimentation-rate marine cores from which a cooling event described as coeval with the Younger Dryas Chronozone has been identified
  • Argile minéral ; Chine ; Corée du Sud ; Granulométrie ; Géographie physique ; Japon ; Loess ; Propriété physico-chimique ; Sol
  • Analyse des propriétés physiques et chimiques des sols rouges jaunes de Hwangson-Myun, Comté Kimje et de Gamgok-Myum, Comté Chungeup, côte sud ouest de Corée et comparaison avec celles des loess de Chine et du Japon. Selon l'auteur le sol de Corée
  • Modification of the oxygen-isotope record in deep-sea cores by Pleistocene dissolution cycles
  • The glacial-interglacial amplitude (GIA) of oxygen-isotope curves in sediment cores from the Atlantic Ocean is much higher than the amplitude in the Pacific. This difference is explained by nonsynchronous CaCO dissolution cycles during the Upper
  • Présence de plages éémiennes-normanniennes dans l'ouest et le sud de la République de Corée et conséquences géomorphologiques
  • Atlantique ; Corée ; Europe de l'Ouest ; Eustatisme ; Eémien-Normannien ; Géographie physique ; Géomorphologie littorale ; Littoral ; Modelé périglaciaire ; Niveau marin ; Pacifique ; Plage ancienne ; Quaternaire marin ; Variation climatique
  • The use of airborne infrared scanner images indicates a heat island core over Johannesburg with one nocturnal center, and a strong temperature gradient at about 600-700 m from the city center. The disjunction between the location of the heat island
  • core and highest ground elevation of the central business district offers additional evidence for the relevance of the centrality factor as a distinct parameter in the description of heat island core structure and magnitude. (JPB).
  • Les Côtes à rias de Corée et leur évolution morphologique
  • Altération ; Ancien rivage émergé ; Corée ; Coulée de blocs ; Côte ouest ; Côte sud ; Côte à rias ; Formation superficielle ; Forme d'accumulation littorale ; Grèze litée ; Géographie physique ; Géomorphogenèse ; Head ; Littoral ; Modelé littoral
  • Les côtes occidentale et méridionale de la Corée se caractérisent par des rias à forte énergie de relief et parsemées d'îles. Elles résultent de l'ennoyage d'un paysage fortement disséqué, où subsistent des collines coniques et de petites montagnes
  • Ice core studies from Mt Kenya, Africa, and their relationship to other tropical ice core studies in Sea level ice and climatic change.
  • Analyse spatiale ; Climat ; Corée ; Cycle climatique ; Eté ; Géographie physique ; Insolation ; Japon ; Précipitation ; Périodicité ; Siècle XX ; Température moyenne ; Variation climatique
  • Utilise les données de température moyennes mensuelles, de durée d'ensoleillement et de hauteur d'eau, au mois d'août (de 1901 à 1975), pour le Japon et la Corée.
  • Tephra in 31 piston cores from the western Gulf of Mexico and 7 piston cores from the equatorial Pacific were analyzed by electron microprobe.