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  • Continental shelf waves in the Florida Straits
  • Dynamique de l'atmosphère ; Etats-Unis ; Florida ; Front froid ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Masse d'air ; Onde ; Plateau Continental
  • Les ondes sont engendrées sur ce plateau continental par le passage de fronts froids atmosphériques.
  • The British Seas, an introduction to the oceanography and resources of the northwest European continental shelf
  • Continental shelf ; Europe ; Natural resources ; Northwestern Europe ; Oceanography ; Oceanology
  • Glacial lowstand deposits on the outer continental shelf of southeastern Australia
  • Aminostratigraphy ; Australia ; C 14 dating ; Climatic variation ; Continental shelf ; Glaciation ; Mollusca ; New South Wales ; Quaternary ; Sea level
  • This paper presents new evidence for last-glacial low-stand sedimentation on the continental shelf, as determined from radiocarbon dating and amino acid racemization analyses. The results also indicate climate-induced changes in the nature
  • The death mask of the antarctic ice sheet : comparison of glacial geomorphic features across the continental shelf
  • Antarctica ; Bathymetry ; Continental shelf ; Geomorphology ; Glacial erosion ; Glacial landform ; Ice sheet
  • Caractères géomorphologiques : le plateau continental interne, le plateau moyen, le plateau continental externe.
  • Sedimentology of terrigenous mud from the Orange River delta and the inner shelf off Namaqualand, South Africa
  • Carrying capacity ; Continental shelf ; Delta ; Grain size distribution ; Palaeo-environment ; Sedimentary structure ; Sedimentology ; South Africa ; Suspended load
  • Sediment cores from the inner shelf off the Namaqualand continental shelf have been examined using radiographic and grain size techniques. - (AJC)
  • Marine geology: British continental Shelf
  • Ressursregnskap for petroleum pa norsk kontinentalsokkel. Eksempel: Ekofisk februar 1976 An account of resources for petroleum on the Norwegian continental shelf. Example: Ekofisk, February 1976
  • Geophysical and geological trends on the continental shelf of northeastern Newfoundland
  • Evaluating the energy production potentials of the United States outer continental Shelf
  • Buried late Quaternary fluvial channels on the Louisiana continental shelf, USA
  • On the subsiding shelf of Louisiana extensive systems of buried channels, corresponding to former fluvial systems, have been recognized at five different levels. Some channels are even larger than the modern Mississippi River.
  • Late Quaternary paleolandscape of submerged inner continental shelf areas of Tremiti Islands archipelago (northern Puglia)
  • Adriatic Sea ; Archipelago ; Continental shelf ; Geomorphology ; Italy ; Palaeogeography ; Puglia ; Quaternary ; Stratigraphy
  • Archipiélago ; Cuaternario ; Estratigrafía ; Geomorfología ; Italia ; Mar Adriático ; Paleogeografía ; Plataforma continental ; Pullas
  • stratigraphic, tectonic and seismologic aspects and is crucial for the definition of Late Quaternary Adriatic basin evolution. This work gives a contribution of geomorphological data concerning the inner continental shelf around the islands. - (NF)
  • Carbonate ; Coastal sedimentation ; Continental shelf ; Lithology ; Malta ; Pliocene ; Quaternary ; Regional geology
  • The flooding of the Maltese shelf during the Holocene deposited transgressive sand and gravel directly over Tertiary carbonates. Post-transgressive carbonate sedimentation is controlled by the distal location of the shelf within non-tropical
  • and oligotrophic nutrient conditions that allow moderate to low carbonate production along most of the shelf area down to >50 m water depth. The geographical variations in the content of metastable carbonates within biogenic sand are related to shelf long profile
  • Latest Quaternary and Holocene paleoceanography of the eastern Baffin Island continental shelf, Canada : benthic foraminiferal evidence
  • The AA. summarize the benthic foraminiferal zonation of the first piston and gravity cores studied from the continental shelf of eastern Baffin Island and the paleoceanographic implications of the zones for the deglacial and postglacial history
  • Deformation of the North Queensland continental shelf in the late Quaternary in Shorelines and isostasy.
  • The Holocene warping of the continental shelf in central and northern Queensland is interpreted as due to differential hydro-isostatic effects, possibly enhanced by a regional tectonic downwarping of the Halifax basin. (P. A. Pirazzoli).
  • Continental shelf ; Italy ; Mediterranean Sea ; Quaternary ; Regional geology ; Sea floor ; Sedimentary ; Seismic method ; Sicilia ; Stratigraphy
  • High-resolution seismic stratigraphy has been applied to the interpretation of the stratigraphic architecture of the Late Pleistocene and Holocene successions on the continental shelf and upper slope of the Gulf of Castellammare, North-Western
  • continental shelf during the genesis of a fourth order depositional sequence. - (NF)
  • Volumetric analysis of residual sediment migrations on continental shelf sand banks in the Southern Bight (North Sea) in Progress in Belgian oceanographic research.
  • Some geopolitical implications of UNCLOS III continental shelf problems
  • Pleistocene proboscidean fossil from the Alaskan continental shelf
  • Geomorphology of submerged late Quaternary shorelines on the South Sardinian continental shelf
  • The saltwater-freshwater interface in the Tertiary limestone aquifer, southeast Atlantic outer-continental shelf of the USA in Special issue.