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  • Some mecanisms of climatic changes induced by encounters of solar system with an interstellar cloud in Evolution des atmosphères planétaires et climatologie de la terre=Evolution of planetary atmospheres and climatology of the earth.
  • Campeau, a Canadian property developer, became the owner of the largest tranche of retail assets in the USA. The mecanisms by which funding was put together in order to finance the Campeau takeovers exemplify the functioning of the arbitrage economy.
  • Results of field work studying the mecanism of movement and advance for longitudinal dunes shows that wind that encounters longitudinal dunes obliquely is deflected on the lee flank and blows along that flank parallel to the crest line.
  • The purpose of the present paper is to use analogy of one of the fundamental concepts of quantum mecanics to derive a negative exponential random variable distribution defining the statistical character of the relationship between distance
  • A mecanism for regime change is suggested: under conditions of economic restructuring and the subsequent fiscal train, non-local actors (national political actors operating through party connections) can manipulate local political dependencies
  • the possibilities of artificial rainmaking. The article briefly explains the mecanism of precipitations which has been thoroughly studied and has furnished a starting point for the experiments that have been carried out in Upper Volta at the beginning and at the end
  • Role of digenean parasites in the mortality of Cerastoderma edule and mecanisms of favorization