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  • Concept ; Conditions de vie ; Espace ; Géographie culturelle ; Géographie humaine ; Géographie sociale ; Mondialisation ; Région ; Théorie sociale
  • Concept ; Cultural geography ; Globalization ; Human geography ; Living conditions ; Region ; Social geography ; Social theory ; Space
  • Allemagne ; Concept ; Culturel ; Ecole allemande ; Epistémologie ; Géographie culturelle ; Géographie humaine ; Siècle 20
  • Concept ; Cultural geography ; Cultural studies ; Epistemology ; German school ; Germany ; Human geography ; Twentieth Century
  • In recent years and outside of geography education, the teaching principle of Educational Reduction, briefly defined as the simplification of scientific concepts, has been replaced by the model of Educational Reconstruction. This closely combines
  • The concept of cultural turn in some scienes may be understood as a turn to the processes of construction of social reality from culture and society. The question What is culture ? is not longer focused on but rather the process How is culture
  • are structured spaces beyond textual reality. In this interdisciplinary perspective, the autor´s try to combine city and text : cities are related to the mental concepts of language. Therefore, language is not only semiotic but it determines reality