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  • Le concept de coeur continental selon H. Mackinder
  • Concept ; Ecole britannique ; Géographie politique ; Géopolitique ; Heartland ; Histoire de la géographie ; MACKINDER (H.)
  • British school ; Concept ; Geopolitics ; Heartland ; History of geography ; Political geography
  • This article addresses the creative output of leading British geographer Halford John Mackinder, and most especially his geopolitical concept relating to the Heartland, which was of major theoretical and cognitive significance, and proved capable
  • of arousing intense polemics among academics. The content and valuable substantive features of the concept are first presented here, and then the scale of its political suitability. – (BJ)
  • 2011
  • This article presents ideas and creative concepts from leading German geographers and economists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Through their pioneering achievements, these academics contributed to the emergence of geopolitics
  • 2011