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  • Nonlinear responses of soil erosion to climate change: a modelling study on the UK South Downs
  • This paper presents some results of a survey conducted to study the temporal and spatial variability of the erosional system in two adjacent cultivated catchments in the Belgian Loam belt. Assessment of soil erosion rates, some controlling factors
  • and sediment sources was carried out between October 1989 and October 1992. Furthermore, this study tries to establish a sediment budget for a small (25 ha), cultivated catchment in the Loam Belt of Belgium.
  • The objective of this paper is to study soil-vegetation and land-use relationships and to analyze the dynamics of field abandonment. Several pedological and vegetal characteristics have been studied in a transect of the Experimental Field of El
  • Geomorphology claims an expertise in the study of soil erosion and the development of conservation solutions. As applied scientists, geomorphologists could assist their cause greatly by providing quality information on erosion process rates
  • This initial laboratory study was carried out in a small flume, without rainfall, using sieved sand, and was designed primarily to test experimental methodology and to provide initial information on selective transport and deposition on smooth
  • This study was carried out to provide data on the spatial variability of runoff and sediment production on lithologically uniform hillsllopes which differ in aspect, slope and vegetation. Such data can be used to adjust forestry practices for more
  • In this study, the Land System approach has been used to analyse an area in southern Tuscany (Italy), the upper part of the Orcia River Valley, with the aim of distinguishing different evolutive trends (hazard) to badlands subjected to erosion, mass
  • This study analyses the between-catchment variability of rill volumes produced by concentrated flow erosion during winter in the northern part of the Paris Basin. The working hypotheses were that 1) runoff concentrates along channels determined
  • computerized and automatic techniques. This study makes possible a comparison of both methods which appear complementary.
  • This study presents results of microplot experiments with a rainfall simulator on soils of a small hydrologic catchment area in south-central Turkey. The objective was to establish the magnitude of the soil erodibility and infiltration variation
  • The objectives of this work were to study and explain the relative effects of initial moisture condition and of specific soil characteristics, such as texture and organic-matter content, on aggregate stability, crust formation, runoff and interill
  • This study examines the relationship between cover density and soil loss and determines the minimum level of ground cover restoration necessary for effective erosion control. In addition, the presence of a critical threshold below which changes