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  • An initial study of pedogenic features along a transect across longitudinal dunes and interdune areas. Nizzana region, Negev, Israel
  • This study is expected to provide an insight into the rate of soil-forming processes in various unconsolidated sediments, ranging from almost pure sand (97% at the dune crest) to 50-60% silt and clay at the playa surfaces. A significant factor which
  • The objective of this work was to systematically study the response of microbial activity to rainfall events along an arid hillslope, where sharp gradients in moisture regime were previously observed. A refined study was made of the spatial aspects
  • This study summarizes selected results of two decades of research carried out in an experimental wartershed near Sede Boqer in the northern Negev Highlands, where the average annual rainfall is about 100 mm. Analyses of many years of recorded runoff
  • events within the study site highlight a runoff-gradient pattern along the slope. Water harvesting experiments were also conducted on the slopes of the watershed. Five tree species were used for planting within the minicatchments.
  • This study demonstrates that depth of carbonate accumulation in an arid environment is not a linear function of precipitation but is initiated by biogenic processes. Surficial soils and paleosols at the study site revealed that at first a biogenic
  • The objetives of this study were to investigate the following aspects of flower-pollinator plant relationships, in a desert environment: 1) synchronization of flower and pollinator activity; 2) flower - pollinator association, i.e., the floral
  • properties. The importance of abiotic and biotic factors and their influence on the studied sites is discussed.
  • The phenology and pollination biology of the desert plant Moricandia nitens with long-tubed flowers was studied in Advat, Central Negev. Reproduction of M. nitens, being a self-incompatible and obligate outcrosser, is dependent on insects which
  • The AA. use the snails and isopods as case studies to examine: 1) the relationships between activities of animals and abiotic resource dynamics. Here the concept of ecological flow chains is used to explicitly interrelate the flows of energy
  • Using aerial photographs taken in 1955 and 1985, this study surveys the vegetation composition and recent land-use history of Maktala, an arid region located about 400 km west of Alexandria. Within this period, a doubling of cropping lands and a six
  • Relationships between environmental factors and annual vegetation were investigated in a landscape dominated by linear dunes near Nizzana, Western Negev Desert, Israel. This study had two purposes: to provide data on the magnitude of variation