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  • Tephra studies.
  • NATO Advanced Study Institute, International
  • A geomorphological approach to soil erosion studies in Lesotho. Case studies of soil erosion and land use in the southern Lesotho Lowlands in Monitoring soil loss at different observation levels. Case studies of soil erosion in the Lesotho Lowlands.
  • The first aim is to study erosion on different scales (catchment, subcatchment, runoff plot) in order to find the optimum one for measuring the impact of land use on erosion. The second aim is to try to quantify erosion from various land use
  • practices in the study area.
  • An Experimental study of channel confluences
  • Use of the word influx in palaeolimnological studies
  • Volcanological applications of pyroclastic studies in Tephra studies.
  • Pyroclastic studies can help determine the internal plumbing systems and magma release mechanisms of volcanoes, for example where they yield the magma output rate and provide evidence for magma mixing, and fall deposits supply the best means
  • of studying compositionally-zoned magma chambers. They are also important in volcanic hazard studies, where the past pattern of explosive activity is used as a guide to the probable future behaviour of a volcano.
  • NATO Advanced Study Institute, International
  • On the classification of tropical climates for the study of regional climatology : Nigeria as a case study
  • This review deals with the entrainment of gravel bedload : theory, laboratory studies, field studies, the relevance of studies in nonfluvial environments and the significance of studies of bedload entrainment.
  • A lichenometric study of the Neoglacial end moraines of the Okstindan Glaciers, North Norway, and comparisons with similar recent Scandinavian studies
  • An Experimental study of the notion of ice past obstacles by the process of regelation
  • Glasiologiske undersokelser i Norge 1976 Glaciological studies in Norway, 1976
  • The usefulness of system theory in ecosystem studies
  • A paradigmatic shift in atmospheric studies?
  • The geoecology of subalpine heaths in the Abisko Valley, northern Sweden. A study of periglacial conditions.
  • The purpose of this study is to study the processes, both active and inactive, which influence the formation, structure and distribution of subalpine heaths in the Abisko Valley and to compare their ecotope with the adjacent birch forest.
  • Multiscale landform classification study in the hills of Japan: Part II. Application of the multiscale landform classification system to pure geomorphological studies of the hills of Japan
  • A study of mesoscale runoff variability
  • The variability of runoff registered during the campaign field studies indicates the range of uncertainty, due to the application of only the permanent, macroscale hydrological network. This is especially significant when runoff information
  • Settling-velocity distributions and sorting processes on a longitudinal dune : a case study
  • The aim of the present study is to investigate if the effect of the separation vortex and wind speed up on the lee-side is reflected in the sediment. This is carried out using both parameters from the log-hyperbolic distribution and standard moments.
  • The interrelationship between magnetostratigraphy and tephrochronology in Tephra studies.
  • NATO Advanced Study Institute, International
  • A terminology for pyroclastic deposits in Tephra studies.
  • NATO Advanced Study Institute, International
  • Tephrochronology and palaeoecology: the value of isochrones in Tephra studies.
  • The applications of tephrochronology to the correlation of temporally similar yet spatially disjunct flora and fauna are discussed, using as examples recent work in Iceland and Kenya. The paucity of such studies is noted and its relevance to studies
  • NATO Advanced Study Institute, International
  • Correlation techniques in tephra studies in Tephra studies.
  • NATO Advanced Study Institute, International