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  • Recenti studi geografici sulla Campania
  • Recenti studi geografici sul Veneto
  • Snow studies by satellites in Switzerland
  • The contributions of Chauncy Harris to geographical studies of the Soviet Union| an appreciation in Geographical studies on the Soviet Union. Essays in Honor of Chauncy D. Harris.
  • Un quindicennio di studi sulla regione lombarda. (Fifteen years of studies on the region of Lombardy)
  • Post-war planning in the inner-town of Leiden: a study of changing perceptions and policies.
  • The findings of two case studies conducted in the inner-town of Leiden are presented. One study concerns the evolution of policy and plans for the inner-town as a whole since the Second World War. The second study concerns the problems of plan
  • -making and implementation in one particular area in the inner-town. Planning activities are studied within their social context as a response to a perceived problem. The response will vary according to the planners'perceptions of their task
  • and the resources available to them. General theoretical observations are made which can contribute to an analytical framework for the study of urban planning. (AGD).
  • A plan for a geochemical study on weathered bedrock in Northern Finland
  • Studi su città, sistemi metropolitani, sviluppo regionale. T. II
  • A Sedimentological study of the septaria clay of Boom (Rupelian age) in Belgium
  • The Urban criminal, a study in Sheffield
  • Recenti studi di interesse geografico sul Piemonte
  • The people of the Nicosia rural-urban fringe: a case study
  • Sampling for farm studies in geography
  • Contribution to the study of the Brussels urban social movement
  • A contribution to the study of dune deposits of the Belgian coastal plain
  • Holocene shorelines in Britain: recent studies
  • Palsar i Nord-Norge. En studie av palsars morfologi, utbredning och klimatiske forutsättningar i Finnmark och Troms fylke A study of the palses'morphology, extension and climatic preconditions in the counties of Troms and Finnmark
  • Geografické aspekty studia Moravského krasu. (Geographical aspects of study of the Moravian Karst)
  • The volume comprises the results of study of the relief, water, flora, fauna, population, production, traffic, recreational activities and other geographical element of the Moravian Karst, the vastest karstic territory of Moravia. (MS).
  • Pruplavni spojemi Dunaj-Odra-Labe ve studii pro Evropskou hospodarskoz komiso OSN. (Canal connection of the Danube-the Odra-the Labe in a study for the European economic Commission of UNO)
  • The study of the proposed canal connection should be an important base for further precise defining of the technical solution of the project very important for the Czechoslovak waterway network.
  • The application of tephrochronology in Iceland in Tephra studies.
  • The situation in Iceland for establishing a tephrochronological time scale is very good... Tephrochronology has been applied to studies of the eruption history of the most active volcanoes. It has also been utilised in archaeological research
  • and palynology, studies of fluvial erosion, wind erosion, and in cryopedological and glaciological research. A tephrochronology correlation between Iceland, the European continent and Greenland has been established.
  • NATO Advanced Study Institute, International