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  • Country case study: Morocco.
  • Country case study: Algeria.
  • The study of vegetation in Africa: a historical review of problems and progress
  • Development studies
  • Climatological study of the recent drought in Africa, 1968-1973
  • Comparative study of the competitive position of South African agriculture
  • Marketing in a developing nation: a case study of household building materials in Tunisia.
  • Fulani pastoralism: Jos case study.
  • Government intervention in food grain markets. An econometric study of Tanzania
  • Review of studies on agricultural production in Nigeria
  • Hydrological studies of a tropical reservoir site, Nigeria
  • Sierra Leone studies : proceedings.
  • University of Birmingham. Centre of West African Studies, Royaume-Uni
  • Migrants and migrant-labour absorption in large and small centres in Swaziland. A comparative study of the towns Manzini and Nhlangano.
  • This is a study of regional inequality. Its objective is to contribute towards a further understanding of the relationships between urbanization, migration and regional development in general and of the role played therein by small towns
  • Sediment budgeting : a case study in the Katiorin drainage basin, Kenya
  • The primary objective of the present study is to compute a detailed sediment budget for a semiarid tropical drainage basin. This requires the recognition and quantification of the dominant process operating within the basin, and the identification
  • The political economy of an African public enterprise: a longitudinal case study of the administrative and economic operations of the Sierra Leone port organization
  • A case study of the administrative and economic operations of Freetown in colonial and post-colonial Sierra Leone provides background for students interested in port development. (EMS).
  • Capacity and capital utilization in Kaduna manufacturing establishments, with a case study of the textile industry
  • Imported technology leads to underdevelopment of potential resources in many factories in the Kaduna area. A poor infrastructure also affects development. A study of four textile factories illustrates the thesis and suggests that with the decreasing
  • Growth cycle, income stream and decision making: a case study of Yoruba smallholders
  • The author has used a field survey and statistical methods to study how a small farmer decides on his farming programme. The age characteristics of a smallholder are important in determining his choice, and technology supplied should be appropriate
  • West African states: failure and promise. A study in comparative politics.
  • A study of seven West African states (Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone) by a group of authors whose specialism is politics rather than geography. The analysis of the varying political regimes is useful
  • to the geographer as he studies the different ways in which the countries have developed since independence, and seeks to explain their diverse economic situation today. (EMS).
  • A soil erosion map of the Lesotho lowlands. A case study using visual interpretation of multitemporal Landsat false colour composites in Sediment sources, sediment residence time and sediment transfer-Case studies of soil erosion in the Lesotho
  • Soil erosion in the Maphutseng and Ha Thabo soil conservation areas in Sediment sources, sediment residence time and sediment transfer-Case studies of soil erosion in the Lesotho lowlands.
  • The aim of the study is to investigate the possibility to use top soil median grain sizes as an indicator of erosion status and to study the importance of land use factors for soil loss from a small subcatchment.