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  • The landscape-ecological methodological approach is due to its holistic approach most suitable for the study of relations between separate landscape-ecological units and their impacts on land-use and human activities. The Upper Gorenjska region
  • was divided into 5 landscape-ecological types and 19 landscape-ecological units. Landscape-ecological types and landscape-ecological units showed a high inner differentiation of the studied area, which is not clearly detected in the existing territorial units
  • 2006
  • The article discusses formation and transformation processes of collapse dolines in the hinterland of Ljubljanica river springs near Vrhnika. The characteristics and mechanisms of flat loamy sediment floors in collapse dolines have been studied
  • 2006
  • In Slovenia, soil research of a given landscape is often neglected in physical geography studies. Despite the fact of an equivalent position of soil geography within the science system of Slovene geography. Reasons can be found in time consuming
  • 2006