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  • This study analyses frequency-magnitude distributions of rainfall, runoff and erosion from sites in the UK, Belgium, Canada and the USA. Frequency-magnitude distributions of rainfall appear to be a poor predictor of distributions of runoff or soil
  • loss. Site-specific influences appear to affect distributions of erosion to a greater extent than distributions of runoff. The results of this study suggest links with recent theoretical work on self-organised criticality.
  • 1999
  • This paper investigates the concept of frequency and magnitude firstly in the context of a range of important, frequently studied weathering processes (e.g. solution, fire, thermoclasty, haloclasty, frost, and biological weathering
  • 1999
  • In studying the origin and evolution of landscape, various scales are used both in space and time. The A. suggests distinguishing the following effective time scales of landform evolution : formative extreme events and secular processes, clusterings
  • 1999