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  • Similarities between models for particle-size distribution and stream-channel networks in Future trends in geomathematics.
  • deux modèles et utilisent les symboles définis pour rechercher les éléments communs dans les deux processus. Le traitement est entièrement mathématique, en termes de processus de genèse de réseaux de drainage admissibles (développement des tributaires
  • Link lengths and channel network topology
  • Channel networks developed by ground water sapping in fine-grained sediments : analogs to some Martian valleys in Models in geomorphology.
  • The experiments demonstrate that surface networks can be developed in fine grained sediments by subsurface processes. The morphometric data gathered from this sapping networks show many spatial and geometric similarities to the Valles Mariners slope
  • network.
  • Influence of stream orientation structures on drainage networks
  • Three growth models for channel network
  • On the cyclicity and allometric growth of drainage networks.
  • Stream network volume: an index of channel morphometry
  • Topologic properties of delta distributary networks in Models in geomorphology.
  • the topology of the natural networks and those of the models.
  • Automatically derived catchment boundaries and channel networks and their hydrological applications
  • A method of generating drainage networks and catchment boundaries from gridded ground elevation data (a digital terrain model) is presented. The method includes an algorithm for coping with localised low points in the data. The paper suggests two
  • objective ways of comparing the conventionally mapped with the automatically generated drainage network. Emphasis is placed on the way that this approach is capable of benefiting a variety of hydrological applications, in particular the automatic estimation
  • An application of network design procedures for redesigning Kizilirmak River basin raingauge network, Turkey
  • Interpolation errors and spatial resolution of the United States solar radiation network
  • Regional flood frequency estimation and network design
  • Beobachtungen von atmosphärischen Schwerewellen mit einem Schwerewellen-Messnets. (Observations of atmospheric gravity waves with a gravity waves measuring network)
  • A stationary measuring network for atmospheric gravity waves in the lower atmosphere is described. It is located at Juliusruh (Rügen/GDR) and consists of three sensor stations with data telemetry and primery data processing by microprocessor
  • Alexander von Humboldts Auffassung vom Klima und sein Beitrag zur Einrichtung von meteorologischen Stationsnetzen. (Alexander von Humboldt's understanding of climate and his contribution to the organization of meteorological networks)
  • Some aspects of Alexander von Humboldt's views on the idea and the nature of climate are discussed on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of his death. Furthermore, Humboldt's role in connection with the establishment of meteorological networks
  • Formation and controls of channel networks
  • On the expected diameter of random channel networks
  • Analysis of national water pollution control policies. 1. A national network model
  • Raingauge network reduction
  • Tributary diameter in topologically random channel networks
  • On peut étendre le concept de diamètre d'un chenal (cf. Werner et Smart, Some new methods of topologic classification of channel networks, Geographical Analysis, 1973, t.5, n2, pp.271-295) pour définir le nombre de segments d'un cours d'eau
  • The initiation of natural drainage networks