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  • Communication de masse ; Donnée ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Radiodiffusion ; Télévision ; Yougoslavie
  • Broadcasting organizations and their network in 1983 (with the number of employed persons), radio and television sets, radio and television programmes, international cooperation and broadcasting organizations.
  • Az Alfold kozuthalozatanak foldrajzi vizsgalata. (A geographical investigation of road network in the Hungarian Great Plain)
  • The AA. intended to outline the road communication in the Hungarian Great Plain. The previous investigations were carried out from the following aspects: 1. Investigation-of communication provision in the H.G.P. macroregion and six subregions| 2
  • . Of the development level of road network in the H.G.P. by subregions| 3.0f the historical, structural and regional features of road traffic. (CK).
  • Valletta and the system of human settlements in the Maltese islands in The Mediterranean - I and II : Urban networks at the regional, the national and the local scale.
  • Histoire de la ville de la Vallette. Site et morphologie urbaine. Evolution démographique des communes de l'agglomération urbaine de 1957 à 1985.
  • Some problems of the pattern of the transport networks in Poland
  • Chemin de fer ; Disparités régionales ; Développement régional ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Pologne ; Route ; Réseau de transports ; Voie de communication
  • A helyi tarsadalom kozosségi viszonyainak vizsgalata Siojut kozségben. (An investigation of community contacts in the local society of Siojut vilage)
  • In small villages like Siojut attention should be paid to the inner forces of local communities. Local organization is mostly meant to make up for deficiences. The existence of groups in marginal positions may hinder settlement dynamics. Closer ties
  • with other elements in the settlement network are needed. (DLO).
  • Spatial development of the Post office network in the province of Mikkeli, Finland, 1860-1980. (Thèse de doctorat)
  • Administration ; Années 1860-1980 ; Bureau de poste ; Communication ; Diffusion ; Diffusion des innovations ; Finlande ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Géographie historique ; Mikkeli ; Modèle dynamique ; Monographie régionale ; Postes ; Processus de
  • and spatial patterns in the Siegerland since the middle of the 19th century. Social-geographical studies with special reference to the changes of the network of social communications (marital relationships)
  • the primary data for correlation analysis in a symmetric data matrix. Further aims of research were the interregional marital connections and their bias, related to the changes in communications caused by the comprehensive alterations of industrialization
  • Strategic planning in London: the rise and fall of the primary road network
  • A településhalozat differencialodasanak tényezoi a siklosi jarasban. (Factors of differentiation of the settlement network in the Siklos district)
  • The main subjects of the study: formation of the Siklos district, its place in the structure of economy and settlement network of Baranya County, the movement of the population, effect of industry on the polarization of settlement network, etc. (CK).
  • Potencialne pozadavky na pozorovanie siete meteorologie a klimatologie v SSR. (Potential requirements on the meteorological and climatological observation network in the Slovak Socialist Republic)
  • The paper informs about the project of regional amelioration of the observation networks in Slovakia. The results of inquiry various organisations are evaluated and the interpolation errors of selected meteorological elements with territorial
  • Az észak-magyarorszagi korzet foutvonalhalozatanak matrix-algebrai elemzése. (A matrix-algebraic analysis of the main road network of the North-Hungarian economic region)
  • The graph theory and the matrix algebraic method of J. Taafe and L. Gauthier is applied to describe the topological structure of the network. It is shown that the most accessible areas are not in the geographical centre of the region
  • Az alfoldi megyék kozuthalozatanak topologiai vizsgalata. (Topological investigations of the road-network in the counties of the Great Hungarian Plain)
  • Topological analysis enabled the AA. to characterize and compare the road-network of the counties in the Great Hungarian Plain. It will be followed by a non-topological investigation where they have to calculate the actual geographical location
  • A varoshalozat funkcionalis, strukturalis és területi sajatossagai az Alfoldon. (Functional, structural and spatial characteristics of the settlement-network in the Great Hungarian Plain)
  • From certain points of view the National Settlement Pattern accepted in 1971 is disavantageous for the town network of the Great Plain which is expected to be eliminated during the present reconsideration. (CK).
  • A természeti kornyezettipusok hatasa a településhalozat sürüségére Dél-Dunantulon. (The effect of physical environment types on the density of Settlement network in South Transdanubia)
  • between the settlement network and the physical environment. (CK).
  • A model approach to the historical development of the settlement network in the Valisz-Ostrow subregion
  • The goal of this article is to apply models of the urban spatial development in order to interpret the development of the settlement network in the Kalisz-Ostrow subregion. The first chapter presents the urban development and the rural settlement
  • . The second chapter contains a description of the mechanism of the settlement network formation in temporal and spatial aspects. For the interpretation of those processes the following concepts are used: spatial succession, a concentric model, a sectoral model
  • The pattern of gypsum transport in the Ebro river network
  • Thessaloniki : 2300 years of continuous urban life in The Mediterranean - I and II : Urban networks at the regional, the national and the local scale.
  • The urban network of later medieval Russia in Geographical studies on the Soviet Union. Essays in Honor of Chauncy D. Harris.
  • La rete urbana delle Marche. (The urban network of the Marche)
  • Based on analogies between transport and mathematical networks, regional differences in network development are investigated through graph theory. The dissimiliarities or limits to application are also tackled. (DLO).