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  • Native network spreading news in Northern Ontario
  • Canada ; Communication ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Information ; Ontario ; Réseau ; Wawatay Native Communications society
  • Bref reportage décrivant les activités de la Wawatay Native Communications Society. Comprend quelques photos et une carte du réseau. - (YC)
  • A rationale for the use of family networks to gather migration data in Latin America
  • Network and nodal accessibility teaching exercise
  • Spatial perspectives of the flows through the Southeast electrical transmission network
  • An assessment of the areal coverage provided by the Canadian solar radiation monitoring network
  • A progressive planning identity: the import of the founding of the planners network, 10 may 1981
  • Certains planificateurs américains remettent en cause la perpétuation de leur rôle fondé sur une technocratie apolitique, sans système de valeurs, qui fait des agents économiques essentiellement conservateurs. Planners Network est une organisation
  • Regional air carriers in Canada: network evolution and government policy
  • The accessibility of a network : the Great Lakes corridor passenger as an example in Geography of transport.
  • Measuring interstate migration flows: an origin-destination network based on internal revenue service records
  • The Montreal Metropolitan Area is achieving three networks of heavy transportation, all three unfinished: the urban highways, the subways, a regional rail rapid transit system. These developments occur in a difficult conflicting framework
  • , at the municipal level as well as among the managers of the networks. Without any structure able to set up the final settlements, it is finally the provincial government which plays this role. (JPD).
  • A viziuthalozat-és a területfejleztés osszefüggései az Ohio és az Arkansas volgyében. (Connection between the network of waterways and land development in the valley of the rivers Ohio and Arkansas)
  • An analysis of the interconnectivity of the Caribbean airline links for 1934, 1942, 1953, 1963, 1973 and 1983| with discussion of factors in current network development and its role in economic development. (MPM).
  • . Multiple regression techniques were used to calculate calibration functions from a spatial network of modern pollen and climate data.
  • of effort has been necessary, because of the nature of the projects employed. These problems might seem to be overcome by the proposed national network of planning regions, but the orientation of planning does not give much hope for a more equitable spread