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  • Some development options for the common agricultural policies
  • Developments in the common agricultural policy of the European community
  • The common agricultural policy: prospects for change.
  • Effects of the Common Agricultural Price Policy on the Third World
  • The paper analyses the effects of the Common Agricultural Price Policy (CAPP) on the less developed countries (Idcs) and aims at answering the controversial question whether the Idcs are gaining or losing welfare due to the CAPP. - (L'A.).
  • Common features of population climate in the Czech and Slovak republics in 1991
  • Demographic situation ; Fertility ; Former Czechoslovakia ; Housing ; Population policy
  • Report on the research of the Charles University in Prague carried out in the European project Population Policy Acceptance. The main factor of the declining level of fertility are the social economic problems and the housing shortage for the young
  • Public subsidy and private forestry investment : analyzing the selectivity and leverage of a common policy form
  • European rural development under common agricultural policy's Second Pillar : institutional conservatism and innovation
  • Common agricultural policy ; Europe ; European Union ; Innovation ; Rural development ; Territorial planning
  • The impact of EC agricultural policies on the Irish rural landscape
  • Agricultural land use ; Agricultural policy ; Agriculture ; Common agricultural policy ; Impact study ; Ireland ; Livestock ; Rural landscape
  • The regional policy of the European Community
  • Common policy ; Europe ; European Union ; Regional development ; Regional policy
  • The present contribution examines the evolution and the motivations behind the EC regional policy, in order to understand the ways in which it can assume an increasing role in the future. - (L'A.).
  • Common policy ; EEC ; Economic structure ; Europe ; International organization
  • In search of a common fisheries policy.
  • The development of the programme approach in the common regional policy: an evaluation of the British experience
  • Competition policy in the Common market: its links with regional policy
  • A regional analysis of enterprise substitution in Irish agriculture in the context of a changing Common Agricultural Policy
  • Agricultural policy ; Common agricultural policy ; Farm production ; Farming ; Farming;Agriculture ; Firm strategy ; Ireland ; Livestock farming ; Rural change
  • Conceptualising the evolution of the European Union's agri-environment policy : a discourse approach
  • Agricultural policy ; Agriculture ; Agroecosystem ; Common agricultural policy ; Environmental conservation ; Europe ; European Union ; Ideology ; Regulation ; Resource management
  • The AA. conceptualize how greening has been mediated by agricultural policy precepts of the Common Agricultural Policy. They examine how farmer's responsibilities pertaining the environmental protection and nature conservation are formalised
  • by policy elites at the supranational level to be supportive of the core principles pf the CAP. The theoretical basis of the paper draws upon Majone's discourse model of policy change. The AA. use the explanatory concepts of this model to clarify
  • Report on Ukrainian Regional Policy. The main trends of regional policy formation in conditions of realization Ukrainian Euro-integration strategy
  • Decentralization ; European Union ; European integration ; Geopolitical strategy ; Partnership ; Regional development ; Regional policy ; Ukraine
  • This paper presents shortly the common regional policy of EU, which now is based on theory of “new regionalism” and on three principles: the subsidiary, the decentralization and the partnership. The regulation of EU regional policy provides for а
  • wide variety of form and methods for the organizational and economic stimulation of region development. The author aim is presented the Ukrainian policy and strategy to integration into EU. - (BJ)
  • Landscape and agriculture under the reformed Common Agricultural Policy in Greece : constructing a typology of interventions
  • Agricultural policy ; Agriculture ; Common agricultural policy ; Environmental conservation ; Greece ; Nature conservation ; Public policy ; Rural landscape ; Typology
  • (Sterea Hellas), where support from the first pillar of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and a local agri-environmental measure, complement the existing landscape protection regulations of archaeological and land planning legislation; B) the Anthili
  • The above and the gradual integration of spatial elements in policy making could explain the increasing emphasis on rural landscape issues. The paper focuses on three cases of public intervention in three areas of Greece: A) The Amfissa olive grove
  • plain (Sterea Hellas) where a production support lead to an intensification process with negative impacts on the landscape, and finally C) Santorini (Cyclades), where the incentive based policies implemented, due to the absence of a robust land use
  • Agriculture ; Bavaria ; Common agricultural policy ; Germany ; Land policy ; Participation ; Rural development
  • Support for competitiveness : national and common strategies for manufacturing industries within the European Community
  • Car industry ; Common policy ; Economic policy ; Europe ; European Community ; Grant ; Industrial policy
  • Agricultural Common Market ; Agricultural policy ; Common agricultural policy ; Common policy ; Development strategy ; Regional development ; Rural area ; Socio-economic system ; Spain