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  • Public subsidy and private forestry investment : analyzing the selectivity and leverage of a common policy form
  • Competition policy in the Common market: its links with regional policy
  • Regionale politiek en de gemeenschappelijke markt. (Regional politicy and the Common Market)
  • The central question of this article is whether or not regional economic differences in the EEC-area have diminished since 1958. It is concluded that this has not been the case, despite the different kinds of regional policies that have been
  • The tax treatment of housing : economic issues and reform measures in Housing finance and policy.
  • The favourable tax treatment of housing assets is common to many OECD countries. While many housing tax expenditures have emerged as tax systems have evolved, they nevertheless accord favourable treatment to housing asset-owners.
  • A distinction between people prosperity and place prosperity is common in the regional economics and urban policy literatures. In this paper, the author criticizes the distinction on the grounds that a radical distinction between people and place
  • The tertiary sector and regional development policy
  • Development theory commonly excludes direct consideration of the role of the tertiary sector. The paper discusses the character of this sector and examines its role in the context of British development policy. Some comments on the relevance
  • of the discussion for develomment policy in general are included. (L'A.).
  • A study on regional allocation of investments for redistribution policy of population
  • This paper presents the regional allocation model of public investments for the redistribution policy of population and one detailed simulation concentrating on the controllability of the degree of local autonomy. Its considers also the simple
  • transport policy model for the redistribution. - (SGA)
  • Public policy assessment: evaluating objectives of resource policy
  • Policy review section: regional policy changes. (Monetarism masquerading as a regional policy? The government's new system of regional aid)
  • Recent changes in government policy towards broadleaved woodland
  • Regional development and policy
  • Planners and political philosophy in Shelter policy and planning in developing countries.
  • The housing needs assessment model in Shelter policy and planning in developing countries.
  • Evaluating the effects of regional economic policy: a critique
  • Nutrition and food policy an emerging issue for agricultural economists?
  • Nuclear power in Western Europe: geographical patterns and policy problems
  • Optimal migration policies. An analytical approach. Part I
  • The recursive adaptive programming hybrid model: a tool for analyzing agricultural policies
  • An evaluation of US grain reserve policy, 1977-80