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  • Population policy in Hawaii
  • Wages and regional policy in New Zealand : the case of the vanishing problem ?
  • Immigration policies and refugees in Australia
  • National Parks in Hawaii: local interests and National Park policy in International experience with national parks and related reserves.
  • Recent directions of regional policy in Australia
  • Manpower policy in Australia
  • Manpower policy in Australia
  • A geographical perspective on urban and regional policies in Australia
  • Transition from land use to policy planning: lessons learned
  • The development of strategic policy planning in Victoria, Australia: a review
  • New policies in sharing mining benefits in Papua New Guinea : a note in Natural resource development in the Pacific Islands region.
  • Tourism and crime: implications for regional development policy
  • Housing finance and subsidy systems in Australia in Housing finance and policy.
  • Observations on policies for rural communities in New Zealand
  • The changing geography of the elderly in metropolitan Auckland : pattern, process and policy implications
  • The city in an era of restricted car usage: some further observations and policy responses
  • The search for an appropriate housing policy in Fiji
  • The implementation of new energy technologies in developing nations: problems and policies in the introduction of charcoal in Papua New Guinea in Rural energy in the Third world.
  • The preservation of historic buildings in urban New Zealand: precedent, practice and policy
  • Private disinvestment and public investment in Australia's pastoral zone : policy issues in Equity in Australia.