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  • Action anthropique ; Allemagne ; Allemagne du Nord ; Charbon de bois ; Occupation humaine ; Paléo-environnement ; Paléolithique ; Paléosol ; Site archéologique ; Tardiglaciaire
  • The AA. examine on-site and off-site archives in the Jeetzel valley at the Late Palaeolithic site Grabow 15 (N-Germany). The spatial analysis of the charcoal distribution and biomarkers (black carbon) in an on-site test area enabled a detailed
  • was detected. Therefore, future studies must considerate the very local impact of man-made fires in much greater detail.
  • spectrophotometry supported by selective XRF scanning and chemical iron extraction was used to elaborate the nature and characteristics of various fine grained calcrete horizons. Although a detailed palaeoenvironmental interpretation of these deposits
  • and the details of the luminescence dating results are presented and discussed.