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  • Chihuahua ; Couverture végétale ; Domaine aride ; Désert ; Eau du sol ; Encroûtement ; Erosion des sols ; Infiltration ; Mexique ; Ruissellement ; Simulation de pluie ; Sol ; Végétation ; Zonage
  • To characterise the spatial variability of the soil surface features and their role in the hydrodynamics of the vegetation stripes, the AA. first described them along a transect perpendicular to the main axis of a stripe together with the detailed
  • Agriculture ; Agroforesterie ; Badland ; Chili ; Ecoulement ; Erosion des sols ; Géographie historique ; Isla de Pascua ; Pacifique ; Ravinement ; Surpâturage ; Utilisation du sol ; Vitesse d'érosion
  • The isolated Easter Island is an outstanding example of land degradation caused by land use in a sensitive ecosystem. The focus of the investigation was placed on Poike peninsula, the most eastern part of Rapa Nui. Detailed analysis of soil profiles
  • Bassin-versant ; Ecoulement ; France ; Hautes-Alpes ; Infiltration ; Marne ; Mesure de terrain ; Propriétés du sol ; Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur ; Ravinement ; Variation spatiale
  • This study reports detailed field measurements of near-saturation and saturated infiltration properties : capillary sorptivity and hydraulic conductivity, on 6 different regoliths encountered in a marly gully catchment. The main objectives were
  • The AA. report detailed micromorphological observations on microbiotic crusts in the tiger bush landscape near the village of Banizoumbou, in western Niger, in the Sahelian region of west Africa. The roles of these crusts in soil stabilisation
  • Selected physical properties of the soils developed within a strongly-banded grassland in arid New South Wales were investigated to reveal their possible significance for the hydrologic and erosional behaviour of the mosaic landscape. Detailed